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Wine from Spain

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Spain is not just the sun, the sea, beaches, bullfights and flamenco. When we think of Spain, we should also think of some of the great wines the country produces. Spain is third in terms of wine production, and has the largest acreage of vineyards anywhere in the world, (one million hectares of land is occupied by the vine). Wine is certainly an essential part of the Spanish economy.

For a long time Spanish wine was not appreciated on the international market and was generally only used domestically. In the 20th century however, the situation changed. New laws helped significantly improve the quality of the wine. Rioja was the first popular wine to enter the global marketplace, today there are around 39 recognised quality Spanish wines.

Wine has been made in Spain for thousands of years, different climatic conditions provide the opportunity for Spanish winemakers to cultivate many types of grape and create lots of exciting flavours. Red wine (tinto) is made of Carignano, Garnacha and Tempranillo. White (blanco) is made from Moscatel, Airén and Albarino. Spain is also famous for its sparkling wine, which is called Cava. In Andalusia world-famous sherry is produced.

Major Spanish winemaking regions are Rioja (fine Tempranillo wines), Ribera del Duero, Navarra, Priorat. Alongside French and Italian wines, the Spanish are considered masters of winemaking; we highly recommend you try a few varieties!