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Wine from Chianti

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Chianti is the only Italian wine that is familiar to virtually everyone. Wine critic Jancis Robinson calls Chianti "Italian Bordeaux". This wine is born in the region of Tuscany, in the area of the same name — Chianti Classico. The first mention of this wine dates back to the year 1398. The best quality Chianti Classico wine is produced in the area between Siena and Florence, where the oldest and historically valuable vineyards are located. The best quality Sangiovese grape is needed to produce the authentic Chianti wine.

Moreover, the authentic blend must have at least 80% of Sangiovese. The recipe for Chianti wine was created by Baron Ricassoli in the last century. Today, winemakers still follow his instructions.

The Chianti composition may also include the Canaiolo Nero or other red grape varieties; however, blending it with white wine is not allowed. Today, this wine is produced in seven named varieties: Classic (Classico), Ruffino (Chianti Ruffino), Chianti Montalbano (Montalbano), Colli Senesi, Colli Aretini, Colli Fiorentini and Colline Pisane.

In the past, Chianti wine was easily recognizable by the special bottles that were braided with bast. However, only gift versions of this wine are bottled that way nowadays. Chianti Classico is the best wine from the family of Chianti. It embodies all the qualities of this wine — optimal tannins and acidity, a velvety texture, and dozens of flavours and aromas. Chianti wine is best combined with traditional Italian cuisine.