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Johnnie Walker

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Johnnie Walker. The name needs no introduction. This is known to be the most famous whiskey across the globe and this can be seen from the high level of demand it has in the market. It surfaced in the 19th century and has come a long way. It has gained unimaginable amount of fame due to its significant and pleasant taste. It has been recorded that yearly more than 100 million bottles of this particular whiskey are consumed and this fact alone, provides an insight into how popular this drink is. This is a Scottish based whiskey and was introduced by entrepreneurs from Scotland who brewed and sold this before it became a famous brand. This whiskey has a history of being consumed by famous people which has greatly helped in its success. One of the most famous consumers of this whiskey was Winston Churchill. The drink is manufactured over a period of 12 years and this is how it gets its incredible taste from.