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Wine d'Arenberg, "The Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana", 2011, 375 ml

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Tasting Notes


Wine golden-yellow color.


Spicy, seductive, sophisticated taste of the wine has a smooth texture, amazing notes of citrus, minerals, fresh herbs, a splendid long aftertaste with hints of spicy spices and minerals.


Bright, spicy aroma of the wine reveals an elegant fragrance of citrus flowers and fresh herbs on change which come ripe, sweet notes of tropical fruit, peach, marmalade and candied orange.


Dessert wine is excellent in itself, as well as in combination with fruit, desserts and blue cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Sweet white wine "The Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana" created by Australian winery d'Arenberg for gourmets. This beverage is a seductive magic stratagem sweet notes of ripe tropical fruits, the fragrance of flowers and herbs, and mineral and spicy nuances in the aftertaste give the wine a special charm. Created from grapes Sauvignon Blanc wine is ready to drink at a young age, but only the most patient connoisseurs reward it fully, revealing their unique faces 5-10 years.

Received its name from the name of the wine bacteria "noble rot" - Botryotinia Fuckeliana, which was opened by the German botanist Karl Wilhelm Gottlieb Fuckel. It is the pathogen responsible for creating stunning dessert wines. The bacterium penetrates into the skin of grapes, partially destroys its structure and contributes to the evaporation of moisture from the berries. This leads to an increase in the concentration of sugar and nutrients in grapes and wine created from these berries have incredibly concentrated flavor and attractive sweet fruity taste.

History "d'Arenberg" - one of the most significant wineries in McLaren Vale - began in 1912 when Joseph Osborn purchased 25 hectares of vineyards in the hills north of Bellevue. Son of Joseph - Francis, increased the area to 78 hectares of vineyards and, before the end of construction in 1928, private wineries, harvest sold to local winemakers, and later established his own production of dry red and fortified wines.
His son - Francis d'Arenberg Osborne, known as d'Arrest, 16 years after leaving school in 1943, joined his father, and in 1957 completely took over the management of a winery. In 1959, he launches under its own brand "d'Arenberg", named after his mother - Frances Helena d'Arenberg. Wine immediately received cult status from connoisseurs, critics and judges. In 2004, Francis d'Arenberg Osborn was awarded the Order of Australia for his contribution to the wine industry in the region McLaren Vale. Francis is very proud of its achievements in the creation of great wines, commonly known as "red band" because of the distinctive red diagonal stripes, which adorns the labels of wines "d'Arenberg".

The representative of the fourth generation - Chester d'Arenberg, after graduating from college Rouzvort and gain practical experience in a number of Australian and European wine regions, took the reins "d'Arenberg" as chief winemaker in 1984. He immediately began to return to the traditional practice of family vineyards growing grapes: at minimum cost and without artificial pollination, irrigation to the extent possible, with very low yields. Winemaking processes of the past have been preserved, unique wines are made in small batches and perfectly convey the nature of class and a true taste of the region's wines Valley McLaren.

"Chester Osborn, as the creator of the wide range of wines, other than impeccable quality, almost deserves credit for what he has managed to create in this price range. If you are a fan of Australian wines, wines d'Arenberg - this is exactly what we should endeavor, since that can offer you Osbournes has a broad mind and the same character. In short, praise, which the owner of the winery and winemaker Chester Osborn receives not only from the magazine The Wine Advocate, but in reality, and from all over the world completely deserved "- Robert Parker," The Wine Advocate ", August 2003.


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