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Tasting Notes


Straw yellow with greenish tints.


The wine has a balanced, elegant fruit flavors with a fairly pronounced acidity and hints of citrus and oak tones on the palate. Ends expressive and fresh finish.


Elegant fruity aroma of wine tempts hints of ripe peach and other stone fruit, while the presence of subtle oak nuances attached to a bouquet of soft feel and completeness.


Cooled and poured into tulip-shaped glasses on a long stalk, wine is the perfect complement of dishes from poultry, fish, seafood, fresh salads, non-sharp cheeses.

Interesting Facts

The range of wines "Moore's Creek" is named after a small river, which originates in the hills Brokenback Range and flows through the winery HVD (Hunter Valley Distillery) and vineyards Penfoldvale. In line includes both red and white wines with an optimal ratio "price-quality". This series was designed to meet the most popular taste demands of consumers, to complement the vast array of culinary combinations and to delight true fans of wine.

For the production of wine "Mores Creek" Chardonnay Chardonnay grapes used, which is well taken root in hot climates of South Australia. In this region it is different fruit flavors (peach, mango, pear), and aging in oak barrels gives additional aromas of smoke and vanilla. Crop harvested at different times. Thus, some berries going early enough to keep clean and fresh acidic characteristics. The rest of the Chardonnay is collected at the end of the season, when the berries have gained absolute maturity and are ready to give the wine taste richness and wealth. After cooling, the juice undergoes fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Part of the mixture is aged in small French oak barrels to enhance the complexity and give a unique taste of wine.

Company Tirrelz Vines - one of the largest and most significant Australian wine producers - was founded in 1858 by Edward Tyrrell in the Hunter Valley. Since 1994, the director of Tirrelz Vines is Bruce Tyrrell - fourth-generation dynasty of winemakers. The company owns vineyards with a total area of ​​500 hectares, located in different regions of Australia. The last 50 years have been to the winery era of growth and innovation, and dedication to the common cause and a relentless commitment to excellence remains a beacon, unquenchable sign that the company was, is and will be the future growth and success.

Tyrrell's Wines company produces several lines of wine, each of which - a unique and individual, c consistently high quality. Bright and rich taste excellent wines will not leave anyone indifferent, and the secret of their success is simple: the creation of the wine tradition, blending different grape varieties and profound rethinking of the drink. Annually winery produced 10.2 million bottles of wine, 30% of which are exported to more than 30 countries around the world. Wine "Tirrelz Vines" occupy honorary awards at various international competitions, in 1995 the company was awarded the title of "Winery of the Year" in Australia.


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