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Spiegelau "Classic Colors" Decanter aquamarin, 1.1 L

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Interesting Facts

Decanter from the collection Classic Colors will appreciate the true connoisseurs of wine. Its original form with a narrow high bowl and is best suited for mature decanting wines or those who do not need the additional "disclosure" of taste and aroma. In an oblong bowl contact with air is insignificant, and the restriction in the upper part keeps the whole range of fragrances to the wine to be served at the table. For mature wines is particularly important that the decanter has flowing lines that minimize the "excitement" of wine transfusion, leaving the sediment at the bottom.

The large volume of 1100 ml is ideal for decanting a standard bottle of wine in a 750 ml, and the original color design allows you to use a decanter is not only directly, but also as an art object or flower vases. You can be assured of high quality and environmental friendliness of this product, because its production is used for crystal glass (Crystalline), does not contain lead. Additional same advantages is that the decanter Classic Kalors from Spiegelau is more strength and grace of form in comparison with crystal decanters from other manufacturers, and thin walls make it possible to fully appreciate the play of color and transparency of the wine.

A unique collection of Classic Colours from Spiegelau is in addition to a series of Classic Bar and is very popular among professionals, and is ideal for use at home. All items Classic Kalors made of high crystal glass, and classic shapes of products are suitable for a wide variety of drinks, be it cocktails, fresh juices and mineral water. The highlight of the collection is an amazing color performance, delicate purple and aqua shades like penetrate glass, adding elegance serving festive table and giving a good mood during the week.

Company Spiegelau more than five centuries perfected craftsmanship glasses, bringing innovations and the most advanced technology in their production. Spiegelau glasses gorgeous ideal for modern lovers of wine and other beverages. Spiegelau offers a wide range of glasses that are both beautiful from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of practicality and reliability. This explains why Spiegelau wine glasses decorated with so many restaurants around the world. The shape and size of each cup is designed with incredible attention to detail - in order to enhance the character of each beverage. Elegance, functionality and durability - the characteristics of the products manufactured by Spiegelau.


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In our store you can buy glasses and decanters Spiegelau "Classic Colors" Decanter aquamarin, 1.1 L, price Spiegelau "Classic Colors" Decanter aquamarin, 1.1 L — £ 21. Producer glasses and decanters Spiegelau. Delivery Spiegelau "Classic Colors" Decanter aquamarin, 1.1 L.

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