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Wine Pichler, Sauvignon Blanc 2007

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Tasting Notes


Wine beautiful yellow color with a greenish tint.


Juicy mineral wine with hints of honey, spices and nuts.


Wine with a complex aroma of gooseberry, honeydew melon, faded flowers, cardamom and white pepper.


Wine is well served with fish dishes, seafood, white meat and game.

Interesting Facts

Sovion Blanc - one of the world's most popular white grapes cultivated in countries with mild, temperate climate - France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Austria. However, it was Austrian wines deserve special attention. Province of Wachau, located in Lower Austria, for centuries known for its wine-making traditions. Production of wine the local population has been engaged for over 2000 years. Here it is held in high esteem white grape varieties - Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and, of course, Sauvignon blanc. Most eminent wine producer not only in the Wachau, but also in the whole of Austria - Franz Xaver Pichler - devoted his entire life to winemaking and, moreover, the art of making wine has become a family tradition for Pichler. As you know, even the same grape variety can vary greatly in taste depending on the terroir where vineyards grow. Terroir (in the original translation from French - "the taste of the earth"), as well as a particularly mild climate favors the province Wachau wine industry. The soil consists of weathered primary rocks, sometimes containing iron, sometimes interspersed with gneiss, granite and mica slate is a natural potential for wines, enriching their styling fruit, intense aroma, flavor and subtle mineral structure.



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In our store you can buy wine Pichler, Sauvignon Blanc 2007, price Pichler, Sauvignon Blanc 2007 — £ 18. Producer wine F.X. Pichler. Delivery Pichler, Sauvignon Blanc 2007.

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