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Tasting Notes


The wine has a delicate pale yellow color.


Delicate, refreshing wine is filled with aromatic notes of citrus fruit and mineral nuances harmoniously emphasize taste with good acidity and excellent structure.


Bright floral aroma of the wine captures the wonderful bouquet with citrus notes and hints of minerals.


Wine is good complements seafood, especially shellfish and oysters, and fish dishes, white meats, goat cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Wolfberger, Riesling, 2012 - refreshing and very elegant dry white wine created in a beautiful corner of France, the beautiful and the rich cultural heritage of Alsace. Its creator is the oldest wine cooperative Wolfberger, known as the local region and far beyond. In Alsace Volfberzhe company owns a chain of boutiques and tourist route specifically designed Alsatian "Road of wines", which is 170 km away. For wine Riesling, 2012 using the same grape variety, which has light skin and a delicious aroma. Most wine experts have recognized this sort of as the best in the world to create elegant white wines. Vines, aged 25-30 years, are grown on the southern slopes appellasona dominated sandy soil interspersed with rocky limestone, clay and granite. Favorable sunny and dry mesoclimate Alsace is the best promotes the maturation of the crop, so that the world opened an exclusive, bright, refreshing wine with pronounced acidity and excellent citrus aroma. The 2013 vintage Wolfberger, Riesling, 2012 won the gold medal at the World Wine Competition of Riesling "Concours Riesling du Monde 2013".

The company "Wolfberger" was founded in 1902 when a group of winemakers Eguisheim merged to create one of the first wineries cooperatives Alsace. Today, the "Wolfberger" includes 800 families of Alsatian wine, each of which is brought to a common cause our experience, tradition and innovation. "Wolfberger" owns 144,052 hectares of vineyards, which are located in 18 Grand Cru (of 51 in Alsace Grand Cru). The company specializes in creating kremanov (sparkling wines produced on a "champagne" outside the Champagne region) and still wines. Chief oenologist is the famous Stephen Grappa. In "Wolfberger" highly valued modern technology to preserve and increase the age-old traditions of the region and support the highest quality of wines. Among the latest innovations - machinery harvest, microprocessor-controlled and ultra-modern complex for the production of Crémant d'Alsace sparkling wine.


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