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Wine Riesling "Cuvee Frederic Emile" AOC, 2007

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Tasting Notes


Wine beautiful straw color with golden reflections.


The wine has a rich, perfectly structured taste with an excellent balance of acidity. In the long aftertaste manifest mineral dust and nuances.


The rich aroma of the wine reveals hints of ripe apples, pineapple, lime and grapefruit zest, interwoven with hints of spice, stone and wax candles.


The wine goes well with fish dishes (turbot, salmon), veal, poultry. In Alsace prefer to submit to it a goose, pork knuckle, Choucroute garnie and other local specialties.

Interesting Facts

Wine Riesling "Cuvee Frederic Emile" is made, not every year, but only in those years when the harvest is good enough for the production of this extraordinary drink. "Cuvee Frederic Emile" has great potential exposure: for the full maturation of the blame must be 3-5 years, after which it can be stored for 12 years. The name of the wine is named after one of the great ancestors of the family - Frederic Emile Trimbaha. Riesling, he created at the end of the XIX century, received a medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. Since then, the name Trimbach worldwide has become synonymous with "Alsatian Riesling" - with good acidity, excellent structure and complex multi-faceted flavors.

Riesling "Cuvee Frederic Emile" is appreciated worldwide for its high class and excellent quality. Vintage 2000 magazine "The Wine Enthusiast" was named "Best wine of the year" in 2005.

For Riesling "Cuvee Frederic Emile" is grown in the vineyard of Grand Cru Class "Osterberg" on the south and south-east exposure. Soils are composed of limestone, clay, pink sandstone Vosges Mountains. With the Vosges through the autumn wind blows, creating ideal conditions for late harvest grapes is not affected molds. Age of vines is 50-70 years. Collection is performed manually, as late as possible. The berries are soft pressing with a pneumatic press. Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel containers at 20 ° C for 3-4 weeks. Extract of wine on the lees lasts 3 months.

Trimbach winery, existing since 1626 - the most prestigious wine producer in Alsace. Today the family business run by Hubert and Bernard Trimbahi, as well as actively participate in the affairs of the younger members of the family - Jean and Pierre. The main objective of winemakers believe preservation respectable image of the family business. In addition, the brothers want to raise the wine of Alsace on a hitherto unknown level. I must say that while they do an excellent job with their work - wines from Trimbach often called the "best of the best."


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