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Wine Remirez de Ganuza Reserva DOC 2003

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Tasting Notes


Wine purple-black.


The wine has a rich, intense, rich flavor - deep and layered with sweet notes of red berries and supple tannins, spicy peppercorn supplemented. Sweet, stable aftertaste.


The wine has a rich bouquet of aromas with notes of ripe berries (raspberries, blackberries, cherries), notes of oak and mineral flavor.


Wine is the perfect complement to a variety of dishes, both starters and to hot.

Interesting Facts

The owner of the wine brand Remires Fernando de Ganusov was last trade experts vineyards and was very tempted all the intricacies of growing grapes. In 1989 he came to the conclusion that the vineyards of Rioja have significant potential, which, however, are not fully implemented by local craftsmen. Then he decided to buy a vineyard to do to winemaking. His mind was not constrained by the traditions of the past, it is based on the logic in the development of their own strategies and technologies for the production of wine. The wine was good, needs the best grapes. But to get the best grapes need to create the best conditions for its growth and to organize the process of treatment is best. In his opinion, the best conditions for growing high quality grapes are climate, environmental conditions, exposure of the vineyard, low yield vines and her age. All the grapes are harvested by hand, but he is going to a very special way: break only the ripest berries, and the rest remain on the vine until fully ripe. Collection period is doubled, but the quality of the grapes is worth it. Fernando de Remires Ganusov became an innovator in the wine-growing region. He came up with the following: selected grapes placed on tables equipped with three conveyors, the first two remove damaged berries, and the third - cuts off the upper part of the vine, separating it from the bottom. The upper part of the vine always gets more sunlight, so it is better, more mature, more sweet, and the wine is obtained from it round and structured. Grapes from the bottom of the vines treated in a special way, and from the bright light produced wine.


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In our store you can buy wine Remirez de Ganuza Reserva DOC 2003, price Remirez de Ganuza Reserva DOC 2003 — £ 35. Producer wine Bodegas Fernando Remirez de Ganuza. Delivery Remirez de Ganuza Reserva DOC 2003.

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