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Brandy R. Jelinek Pear Williams kosher, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Brandy transparent pure color.


The taste of brandy thin, with a long finish filled with pear tones.


Brandy with rich, pronounced pear aroma.


Brandy is recommended to use a little cold at the end of the meal as a standalone drink, or in combination with a pear or a light fruit desserts.

Interesting Facts

Originally fruit brandy "Pear Williams kosher" was intended for the US market, but today he has his fans around the world. Magnificent brandy Grushovitsa Williams produced under the strict supervision of specialists at the plant in Vizovice, used for its manufacture juicy pear varieties Chilean Williams. Brandy from this class have plenty of pear aroma and taste typical pear with a long aftertaste. Kosher Certificate granted Union of Orthodox Jewish community in America.

Company Rudolf Jelinek (Rudolf Jelinek) - Joint Stock Company, more than a century engaged in the production of alcohol and distillates. The company was founded in 1894 in Vizovice father Rudolf - Sigmund Jelinek, and the factory, there are about 400 years old - the first mention of it in the register Vizovice estate dated 1585, the year. Climate Wallachian region is ideal for growing fruit trees, especially plum. Traditionally, the locals made of plum jam or dried fruit, and from the middle of the XVIII century began production of the famous plum brandy. With years of experience of local producers, Jelinek began to produce high-quality drinks, which gradually became very popular in the Czech Republic, and in 1934, after receiving a kosher certification, the company began to export their kosher plum worldwide. Before World War II export branded R. Jelinek has increased many times over, by expanding the supply line and not only plum brandy, and distillates, fruit brandy and other beverages. Today Rudolf Jelinek is the largest producer of fruit liquors in Central Europe, 27% of the total production is exported to the United States, Austria, France, Belgium, Canada, Australia, and now - in Russia. Kosher products Jelinek, recognized as one of the most respected and prestigious in the world in 1999 was awarded the highest certification OU. The flagship product is the R. Jelinek plum brandy, which is produced in several versions (white, golden jubilee, kosher, etc.), as well as specialty fruit brandies of high quality - grushovitsa, abrikosovitsa, vishnevitsa and yablokovitsa.


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In our store you can buy brandy R. Jelinek Pear Williams kosher, gift box, 0.7 L, price R. Jelinek Pear Williams kosher, gift box, 0.7 L — £ 14. Producer brandy Rudolf Jelinek. Delivery R. Jelinek Pear Williams kosher, gift box, 0.7 L.

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