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Brandy Orujo Pazo Maior Hierbas, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Brandy bright lemon yellow.


Brandy taste is very smooth, delicate and pleasant, with hints of spice herbs and grapes.


The aroma of brandy delicate, slightly sweet, with hints of herbs and distinctive tones of grapes.


Aruch is used as a standalone drink during meals, as well as an aperitif or digestif.

Interesting Facts

Aruch "Paso Mayor," currently on extracts of herbs such as angelica and rosemary, which give the drink a fragrant aroma and unusual green-yellow color. Also in the Aruch include: grape distillate otzhimok, distillate of wine, sugar and natural water. Orujo Pazo Maior Hierbas- light brandy alcohol content of only 30%.


Aruch or Aguardiente de Aruch (Aguardiente de Orujo - "fire water") - the traditional strong alcoholic drink northwestern regions of Spain. It is made by distilling fermented grape residues after pressing in the production of wine. Fortress resulting beverage may vary from 30 to 60%. In the Middle Ages Aruch produced in Catholic monasteries of Cantabria, especially in the area of ​​Liébana, which to this day remains one of the most famous places of production of the drink, with part of it is still being prepared in monasteries. Great contribution to the production of Aruch made Galicia manufacturers that supply the Spanish market a significant amount of this drink.

Popularity Aruch in Spain is so great that there is an annual "Holiday Aruch", which is held in November in the town of Potes. For quality control of the national drink in 1989 in Galicia was created Regulatory Board, which regulated the manufacturing process Aruch and its geographical origin. Created by the law can be considered a true Aruch only one that is made in Galicia. Despite this, today Aruch produced in many regions of Spain.

Method of preparation Aruch in many ways similar to the preparation of grape beverages other countries - grappa, chacha, pisco. Remains of grapes after pressing - peels, seeds, stems - fermented in open vats. Then they moved to the stills, called alkitary. These cubes are made of copper and equipped with compartments for transhumance. When cooking Aruch used only central distilled. Flash distillation for at least six hours. Some varieties Aruch aged in oak barrels for two years or more. Aruch may be present on the aromatic herbs, spices, honey, or even coffee beans.


  • Serving temperature: 12-18°С.
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