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Rum "Matusalem" Clasico 10 years old, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Has a beautiful deep copper color and flawless clarity.


Matusalem Clásico 10 years of aging has a full-bodied texture and powerful well-balanced, smooth taste. In a warm bouquet of sweet sounding notes of caramel, creamy toffee, vanilla and coconut. Long soft finish fascinates warm cream tones with light hints of spices and oak barrels.


In the rich aroma of sweet notes of molasses infused with warm shades of vanilla cream, creamy toffee and coconut.


In order to fully enjoy the great taste and aroma Matusalem Gran Reserva 10 Year Old true connoisseurs drink it very small sips from a glass tulip shape, which allows Roma to fully disclose all the flavors and subtle flavors. Drink used alone or with a little ice, and can also be used as a basis for traditional cocktails: Mojito, Pino Colada, Cuba Libre and Caipirinha.

Interesting Facts

Matusalem Clásico 10 years of aging - it is an excellent premium dark rum, which is characterized by perfect balance and rich structure. It is made from the best sugar cane grown in the south of Cuba. Double distillation of rum gives unparalleled softness and pleasant aftertaste without feeling excessive alcoholicity and secret recipe that is passed down from generation to generation for over 130 years, and shutter speed according to the method "Solera" gives it flavor and aroma captivating notes of vanilla cream.

Matusalem rum its history dates back to the 70s of the 19th century, when the brothers Eduardo and Benjamin Camp, sailed from Spain to Cuba intending to seriously address on Liberty Island rum. By joining forces with Evaristo Alvarez, they have developed a new manufacturing technology of hot drink, bringing together information about the distillation process and the principles that have been used in the production of the famous Spanish wines, sherry and brandy. Together they created a secret formula to convert sugar cane molasses in a unique rum with an elegant bouquet of taste and aroma, which replaced the rough drink from the past. Matusalem rum first saw the light in 1872. It owes its name to the Spanish aphorism: "Esto es mas viejo que Matusalem", which means "Older than Methuselah," which refers to the apostle who lived to 969 years. So called brothers wanted to focus on the aging of rum, which is necessary to achieve a unique flavor and taste of the drink. At the same time a symbol of the brand -vzletayuschaya swallow, was intended to reflect the spirit of the freedom-loving people of Cuba.

Today, Matusalem rum produced in the Dominican Republic on the original recipe in 1872, as evidenced by the inscription on the bottle - "Original Cuba Formula".


  • Color : Golden
  • Сlassification: Premium
  • Made from: Treacle
  • Cask type: White American Oak Casks
  • Aging type: Solera
  • Body: Full Bodied
  • Website:
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