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Cognac Martell Noblige, with box, 1 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac golden copper color.


Cognac has a soft, velvety taste with perfect balance.


Cognac has a subtle, refined and elegant aroma with a rich bouquet, which is dominated by notes of juicy fruit.


Cognac is perfect both in pure form or with ice or a little water.

Interesting Facts

Martel Cognac Noblizh - a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary. It is produced by more than one hundred of the most prestigious mixed alcohols and brandies. Bottle of Martell Noblige has a unique and elegant shape, the like of which no more none of cognac in the world. The oldest cognac house Martel dates back to 1715, since the reign of Louis XIV, and today continues to be one of the leading cognac houses in France. Martell is one of the three largest world producers of cognac, as well as a leader in sales of spirits in 20 countries (including Italy, UK, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and others).

Producer's description

The history of the oldest brandy house Martel began in 1715. The founder of the brand was the Englishman Jean Martel. Marrying a girl from a family of cognac merchants helped Jean quickly succeed in the cognac business. Since 1721, the export of cognac began to be carried out at the international level: to Great Britain and Northern Europe. After his death (in 1753), the tradition of the Martel company was continued by his widow, and then by his two sons, Frederic and Jean. They were able to quickly export products to Australia, China, Japan, and already in 1814 Martel cognac became the number one cognac in England. Since 1987, Martell has been owned by the Canadian corporation Seagram, which is headed by Patrick Firino-Martell. Since 2001, Martell has been bought by the French group of producers of wines and spirits "Pernod Ricard".

House Martell owns more than 400 hectares of vineyards in the best areas of the country (Fin Bois, Borderies, Petit Champagne and Grande Champagne), 14 distilleries, 28 Charente distillers, huge warehouses and cellars. The quality and sophistication of Martel cognacs is evidenced by Napoleon Bonaparte's preference for this brand to others. Subsequently, Martell cognacs were supplied to the consul of Cambaceres, doctor, Baron Corvisart and, later, to the palace of Emperor Napoleon III. Also among the regular customers were famous people like D. Rockefeller and Winston Churchill. The Martell brand has been awarded the gold award "Bon Gout Francais" ("Best French Taste"), as well as an award for excellence in exports.

Today, Martell continues to be one of the leading cognac houses in France. Martell is one of the three largest cognac producers in the world, and also occupies a leading position in sales of spirits in 20 countries (including Italy, Great Britain, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and others).



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