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Wine Marques de Murrieta, "Capellania", 2008

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Tasting Notes


Wine golden-yellow color.


Intense, complex, well-structured palate with pleasant acidity reveals notes of white flowers and fruit, complemented by nuances of minerals, spicy vanilla and smoke. Very long aftertaste.


Expressive, rich and fresh aroma of the wine is fragrant notes of white fruit, citrus and minerals, which come to replace the shades of chamomile, dried flowers and roasted almonds.


The wine will be the perfect pair of light dishes, white meat, duck liver, lobster, seafood, rice, smoked fish, Asian dishes, cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Capellania" - exceptional white wine that will exceed all expectations gourmet, having won its complexity, structure and elegance. This is the only white wine from the Marques de Murreta, which has the "soul of red wine." High quality selected grapes from old vines and long aging in oak barrels served as a guarantee for a drink, expressive aroma which seduces and inspires and fascinates the exquisite taste of shades of white fruit and citrus. Wine, Bottled December 11, 2012, has a great potential for development, continue to improve even in the bottle.

Viura grapes for wine production "chaplain" grows on the same old vineyard, located at an altitude of 485 meters above sea level. All grapes grow on the company's own vineyards with a total area of ​​300 hectares, being able to fully control the quality of the grapes ripen. Harvested in small boxes, starting from October 6, 2008. After soft pressing, grape juice within 24 days fermented in stainless steel at a controlled temperature. Excerpt wine lasted 19 months in new 225-liter French oak barrels.
Before entering the market, the wine is kept for some time in the bottle.

Producer's description

The Marquis de Murreta - the famous Spanish wine house, known not only in his homeland, but also far beyond its borders. The company is named after Luciano Murreta, Marques de Murreta, which is considered the "father" of modern winemaking Rioja. After a working service in the Spanish army the king gave him the estate and land in the southeast Logrango where Luciano in 1872 planted the famous vineyards around the beautiful manor Ygay. After spending three years in Bordeaux on duty, he learned much about the newest technologies of French wine, which then began to implement on their own winery. Luciano Murreta a lot of experimenting with the aging of wine in oak barrels, and the first successful by their red wines once were exported to Cuba, where they received a huge success. This recognition inspired Marquis, and he enthusiastically continued his work. After a while his guilt went to Paris, where in 1878 and in 1879 won one gold and two silver medals, surprising thus experienced French winemakers.

Today the family business operates an ambitious and dynamic young Count Vicente Dalmau Cebrian-Sagarriga, Earl Creixell. Father Earl bought the winery in 1983, investing a lot of money there to revitalize the business. After the untimely death of his in 1996, the company moved to Vincent. In his 25 years with the confidence he went to work, got a new team and began to create a modern, elegant wine with its own unique style. Thus began the "new era" in the history of the brand Marques de Murrieta, whose basic philosophy is to strive for quality and excellence through tradition and innovation.

Winery company located in the southern part of the Rioja Alta, here is a beautiful and unique manor Ygay Canaja vineyard area of ​​300 hectares. Eighty percent of the area of ​​vineyards planted with varieties Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano, Mazuelo and Viura (Macabeo), as well as a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon. Own vineyard winery ensures complete control over the quality of the harvested crop and is the key to the unique style of wine Marques de Murrieta. In the old cellar of the winery, dating from the 1872 year, the best wines are aged in 225-liter oak barrels under the strict supervision of the winemaker Maria Vargas. Under her leadership, created such great red wines of Rioja as Marques de Murrieta Reserva, Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva, Dalmau and two white wines Capellania Reserva and Albarino Pazo Barrantes.


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