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Whisky "Macallan" 18 Years Old, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey deep amber color with light mahogany undertones.


Shelkovity, smooth, balanced flavor of whiskey is filled with pleasant sweetness, notes of dark fruit, grape, orange, spices and smoke. Rich, lingering aftertaste playing nuances of dried fruit, ginger, iris, wood, sherry and spices, complemented by creamy notes.


Sophisticated, warm scent of whiskey reveals sherry tones, muffins, ripe dark fruit, caramel, honey, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and light shades of espresso, citrus and chocolate.


Whiskey is recommended to use in its pure form. He also excels as an ingredient in cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Macallan" 18 Years Old - excellent whiskey with a rich, luxurious taste and complex, multi-faceted fragrance. According to the "Whisky Magazine-2004" "Macallan" 18 Years Old was considered the best in the world of whiskey.
"This single malt whiskey from Speyside aged in oak barrels from the Spanish sherry for at least 18 years of age. It is characterized by amber color, warm aroma of caramel, sticky cream taste, and finish with a touch of sweet honey, chocolate and espresso in a protracted aftertaste ". (Wine Enthusiast, December 2011, 92 points)

"Macallan" - an elite Scottish single malt whiskey with an incredibly rich history spanning two centuries Bole. This drink, which matures in barrels of sherry, made by hand, has long been an attribute of the prestigious life and sense of style. Whiskey is unique not only because of its stunning taste, but also the method of production - it includes only one barley variety called "Golden Promise" and stills distillery - the lowest in the world that gives a line of whiskey "Macallan" saturation fortress.

Macallan Distillery was founded in the XVIII century, and official permission to manufacture whiskey she was one of the first in Scotland - in 1824. During its long history the brand Macallan had many owners, but eventually was acquired by Roderick Kemp, and after his death went to the daughters. The fact that women's control distillery - a very rare event in the world of whiskey. Perhaps this is why Macallan is characterized by particularly gentle and delicate taste. At the last auction of vintage alcohol in Glasgow in 2009, a bottle of whiskey Macallan 50 Year Old was sold at auction for an impressive 11,750 pounds, thus becoming the most expensive bottle of whiskey Macallan ever sold.

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