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Tequila Los Azulejos Anejo, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Color tequila - Yellow medium density.


Taste with hints of sweet scented baking, in contrast with light spice and skin tones will surprise gourmet. Long and soft finish.


Sweet and salty sea notes, flowing in the gentle fragrance of iris and Provencal herbs. In the end - the nuances of vanilla and lemon.


This tequila is beautiful in itself. But if you - a lover of juice or cold cocktails, the Anejo is perfectly possible. It can also act as an aperitif and digestif or to accompany a cigar - especially Joya de Nicaragua and Ashton.

Interesting Facts

Wonderful Los Azulejos Anejo tequila is aged in barrels of brandy 14-18 months, then it is bottled.


Tequilla - traditional Mexican strong alcoholic beverage made ​​from the blue agave core. His birthplace is the town of Tequila in the western Mexican state of Jalisco.

The founder of the firm's Los Azulehos is Kvantiniya Pedro, his grandfather also involved in the release of various spirits from the agave plant, but only for their relatives and close friends. Decades later, Pedro continued the work of his grandfather, giving it a completely different scale, making it a success as the Mexican and international markets. He never saved on the new research, hiring the best experts, multiple tastings and testing for its tequila, ensuring perfect quality, unique purity of taste and soaring aroma characteristic only for his drinks.
For the production of tequila agave varieties selected only "Blue Weber", and each tequila Los Azulejos made only 100% of that class. Agave grows 7-10 years before you acquire the necessary maturity, harvest before flowering begins, at this moment in agave accumulates the most starch and sugar. Then begins a process called "dzhimado", during which the leaves are removed in order to penetrate to the core of the agave - sometimes weighing more than 50 kg. Further, this core is placed in steel containers, where it passes a heat treatment with steam, after which the whole is subjected to a series of processing units which are designed to maximize squeeze its sweet juice. The juice is then placed in a neutral capacity and alcoholic fermentation takes place, like wine, which lasts about two days. Then fermented juice undergoes a double distillation. After a certain period of maturation, tequila is bottled, which are made by hand; Some bottles are also painted by hand using techniques of Mexican folk art. At the end of each batch tequila tested for quality.

All products have a unique Los Azulehos kosher certificate.

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