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Lheraud Liqueur au Cognac Orange, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor has a beautiful nezhno- orange.


Liquor has a pleasant taste with pronounced notes of orange.


Liquor has excellent flavor with orange notes.


Liqueurs can be consumed as an aperitif or digestif in its purest form, with coffee in cocktails or desserts

Interesting Facts

Lheraud Liqueur au Sognac Orange - Orange liqueur brandy, made ​​according to old family recipes. Fruits insist in oak barrels, then passed through the press, in the course of which the drink is saturated with flavor and color. The next step - adding sugar syrup, this is done in order to drink gained the necessary 21-degree fortress. Liquor has a very pleasant fruity aroma saturated, amazing color and great taste. Serve chilled. Gourmets liquor drink small sips and very slow to fully enjoy extraordinarily wonderful flavor and aroma. Usually liqueur served the meal concluded, after the second course, coffee. However, it is ideally suited to ice cream, dessert, fruit.
The sign on the label 100% AR - confirms that the liquor present exclusively on the ridge. Lero Orange Liqueur Cognac - a wonderful, high-quality product - a great gift for lovers of excellent quality.


House L'Heureux (Lheraud) originated in 1680, its founder is a winemaker Alexander L'Heureux, who started their own small production in the village Lada, located on the border of the Grand and Petit Champagne. After some time the property boundaries have expanded, thanks to 25 acres of land received as payment of the debt.
In 1800, a descendant of the founder - Eugene L'Heureux mastering process of distillation of wine in alcohol - so begins the story of cognac production houses. After some time, created cognacs gave the original name - Relais de Saint Jacques de Compostelle (relay de Saint Jacques de Compostella), which means the name of an ancient grotto (once located on the property of the family), where pilgrims stopped to rest, going to worship the Holy Jacques Compostelan.
In 1970, the management of the family business was taken over by Guy L'Heureux, he renamed too long name, and now houses the products are manufactured under the brand Guy L'Heureux (Guy Lheraud). Currently, the estate of L'Heureux has four generations of the family - father, son and grandson Guy L'Heureux. However, Monsieur Guy L'Heureux said that the most important in the house his wife - Madame L'Heureux, only she "manages to keep him in check." Madame L'Heureux personally involved in product design and does it brilliantly.
Now in the possession of the cognac house L'Heureux 80 hectares of vineyards, produced in the year to 1 million. Millezimnyh bottles young and cognacs. The range of houses, besides cognac - Armagnac, Pineau des Charentes and liqueurs. Liqueurs and began to produce even the grandmother of the current owner. She grew fruit trees - it was a big beautiful orchard, Madame L'Heureux flooded fruit brandy and keep them for a long time, then the fruits were removed and compact, giving all the color and smell.
Today, liqueurs produced by the same old family recipes, it is important that as the alcohol component House L'Heureux uses only cognac, not alcohol, the vast majority of producers in the region.
About 10 years ago, the Russians have the opportunity to try the excellent products cognac house L'Heureux. Give yourself and your familiarity with the legendary House of branded products!

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