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Tasting Notes


Wine of deep ruby ​​color with purple hues.


Rich, full-bodied taste of wine with rounded tannins leave aftertaste with hints of coffee beans and fruits, allowing to extend the enjoyment of a drink.


Elegant, deep flavor of the wine opens with bright shades of dark fruit.


Wine is recommended for meats, red meat, venison, duck, cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Le Cadran de Fombrauge, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, 2006 - this is an excellent dry red wine created an outstanding winemaker Bernard Magrez modern France. The rolling hills and fertile soil Fombrauge vineyards, rich in limestone and iron, gave the blame amazing taste and style, and cherished sunlight bunches dressed him in a luxurious ruby ​​dress, giving the flavor of brightness and originality. The grapes reached optimum maturity, are harvested by hand, carry trays to the winery, the berries are separated from crests and sorted. Then the grapes are loaded into a small wooden container in which there is vinification with manual smashing caps. Kept wine in oak barrels, of which 60% - new, after which the wine is bottled.

In blended wine Le Cadran de Fombrauge, 2006 Merlot dominates (77%) with the addition of Cabernet Franc (14%) and Cabernet Sovion (9%). First-class vineyards Grand Cru category are located in the center of Bordeaux, in the key wine town of St. Emilion. The first vines were planted here in the days of the Roman Empire, and today the wine with the name of Saint-Emilion are the most popular and prestigious, averaging more than 250,000 hectoliters annually. The city itself is well-known to tourists old beautiful buildings and scenery, and powerful, narrow streets attract travelers with its coolness and privacy. Landmark is the tower of the XIII century Tour du Roy (Tour du Roy), as a living reminder of his long and illustrious history. In Saint-Emilion are four key grape area: Lussac Saint-Emilion, Saint-Georges Saint-Emilion, Puisseguin Saint-Emilion and Montagne Saint-Emilion. Considered separately vineyard Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, because it imposed more stringent restrictions and requirements for the production of wine.

The owner of the great French Grand Cru vineyards and the legendary Chateau Pape Clement - Bernard Magrez (Bernard Magrez) in my life bought 35 wine estates around the world, some of them recently acquired: Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, Japan (on the slopes of Mount Fuji, which produces white wine, which can be compared with the wines of the best terroirs of the world), California (Napa Valley), and in Italy. Each vineyard Magrez transfers its energy and experience to ensure that he opened his own individuality. His wines are produced in small quantities, so high-quality drinks are very much appreciated by amateurs and experts. Bernard Magrez called "a composer of rare wines." One of the main goals of Bernard Magrez is opening new little known, but extremely promising terroirs for the production of fine wines. All wines Bernard Magrez with a rich history, many of them marked in various international competitions. The collection of awards Bernard Magrez number of gold medals and higher estimates of experts in 100 points and 5 stars. His wines are produced in small quantities, so these high quality drinks are very much appreciated by amateurs and experts.

"I owe all the blame. It taught me patience and commitment to excellent quality. I wanted each of my vineyard has earned the right to be called beautiful and unusual. He helped to sink into a dream, gave pleasure and emotions. I also would like to see in my wines Save History. Their charm and their secrets I'll always be obliged, "- B. Magrez.


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