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Grappa di Barolo Moon, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Grappa has a golden amber color.


In taste Grappa moon little tart, with a "male" character. Pleasant and well-balanced with a long finish.


Grappa has a bright, but at the same time elegant fruity aroma.


Grappa acts as a digestif, goes well with coffee, fruit and chocolate desserts and cigars.

Interesting Facts

Grappa is made from high quality grape marc from the best Italian wineries, such as Ceretto, Pio Cesare, Aldo Conterno and others. Currently Grappa can be found in the menu expensive restaurants along with a good brandy or whiskey. However Grppy history began with that produced from grape pomace drink consumed mostly peasants. Of course, over time Grappa evolved and became a high-end product.

Bottle of grappa was invented personally Paolo lettuce, with creative support of his family. Hand-blown bottles are produced in the Veneto under the best traditions of the old school glassblowers. Title Moon (Luna), this grappa has received because of the similarity of the vessel with a heavenly body.
Grappa distillation to spend a discontinuous manner using alambikov dual heating boiler (double-boilers) - one inside the other. The distillation process is very slow and evenly, because the only way you can very clearly keep track of all fractions ("head", "heart", "tail") obtained at the output, and thus the finished product will retain all the flavors of the feedstock and will have individual character .
Excerpt Grappa is made within 2-2.5 years in barrels from the marsala.


  • Serving temperature: 12-14°С
  • Website:
  • Class: Very Old
  • Type: Mono-Varieta
  • Grape varieties: Nebbiolo
  • Exposure: 2-2,5 years
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