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Wine Hugel, Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive, 2006, 375 ml

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Tasting Notes


The wine is a deep yellow-straw color with bright golden hue.


Taste wine has perfectly balanced sweet and charming tones of juicy fruit.


Aromatic bouquet of wine is deep and concentrated, with ripe grape tones, notes of raisins, quince jelly, lychee, nuances of acacia and rose, and with a hint of spice, saffron and royal jelly.


The wine is excellent as a standalone drink, combined with blue cheeses such as Stilton and Roquefort, foie gras and desserts: sweet pies, fresh figs and fruit.

Interesting Facts

"Vendange tardive" in French means "late harvest" as grapes for wine Gewurztraminer Vandazh Tardy collected only when it is already starting to dehydrate. This allows the grapes to concentrate the sugar and change its flavor. First name Vendange tardive Jean Hugel was applied in 1976 to the wines of Alsace, and later became more widespread. To make the wine even more quality Hugel even developed several laws, following which, before proceeding to the manufacture of wine, grape juice should be tested for sugar content, as the fermentation of the must not add sugar and acidifiers. In addition, the certificate of conformity guilt may be issued only after a blind tasting, held under the strict control not earlier than 18 months after its production. All these measures are observed to this day. This allows you to confidently assert that Vendange Tardive wines are some of the best white wines of France, showing exquisite taste and a long exposure potential - at least 15 years of age.

This privileged geographical location in Alsace are born great wines. Its climate is due to the distance that separates it from maritime influences, and allows the grapes to ripen slowly to full maturity, giving the wine a delicate fragrance and unmatched intensity.
The first traces of the Hugel family in Alsace can be traced back to the XV century. Two centuries later, Hans Ulrich Hugel settled in Riquewihr, which was devastated by the terrible Thirty Years' War. In 1639 he was made an honorary citizen of the city and soon headed a very powerful corporation winegrowers. In the XVIII and XIX centuries Hugel family gained an enviable reputation for its wine-making skills and the cultivation of vineyards.

Prior to the beginning of the XVII century Alsace was the largest and most famous wine region in the Holy Roman Empire. The Thirty Years War, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic and the Franco-Prussian War led wine region of Alsace in decline. By the early twentieth century, the devastation caused by pests and diseases spore, brought the situation to a critical point.
After 1918 a few far-sighted and courageous winegrowers, including Frédéric Emile Hugel, took steps to save the vineyards of Alsace. Frédéric Emile Hugel devoted his life to the promotion of quality wines from noble grape varieties. His son Jean its persistence and hard work, proved that Alsace wines deserve a place among the best wines in the world. The next generation faithfully perform basic tasks inherited from their ancestors - to make great wines of Alsace white wines of the XXI century.


  • Color depth: moderate
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 6°С
  • Website:
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