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Tasting Notes


Wine beautiful ruby-red color.


The wine has a soft, silky tannins and a versatile, beautiful taste with hints of fruit and smoke.


The wine has a superb, subtle, refined aroma with hints of ripe red berries, licorice and flowers.


The wine is a perfect combination with the game, cheeses, as well as meat dishes.

Interesting Facts

Vineyards Cannubi, which covers about 15 hectares of land in Barolo, considered to be one of the few true vineyards of the highest category in Barolo, from crops which are produced wines of excellent quality. Save the document, dated 1700 year in which the vineyard mentioned Cannubi. The family Manzoni store old bottle of Nebbiolo and bears the inscription "Cannubi 1752". This testimony is valuable as a demonstration that the vineyard was already known and respected, even for many years before the advent of the Barolo wine. Luxury quality grapes from this hill is determined by the specific composition of the soil: it is the only region among the production area of ​​Barolo, which are mixed together land belonging to different geological epochs. The high level of alkalinity and calcium added touch of sophistication and elegance grapes grown on this soil, and later - the wines. In soil, sand contains a high percentage (45%) of sludge (35%) and clay (20%) and - trace elements potassium and magnesium. The presence of fine sand and a high content of clay and limestone - a perfect environment for growing grapes Nebbiolo. Natural terroir gives the wine a "vignette Kannubi" special uniqueness and originality. This harmonious wine with sweet tannins and a charming aftertaste, rich bouquet with subtle hints of fruit and spice.

Burlotto Winery was founded by Giovanni Battista Burlotto, who became famous in Piedmont at the end of the XIX century for his innovative attitude to winemaking. At the beginning of the activity was Burlotto supplier of Savoy royal house. Giovanni Battista became the first in the region, who began to sell wine in bottles with the name of his farm in the manner of French castles at the time, when more than the usual practice was to sell wine in oak barrels. Wines Giovanni Battista Burlotto participated in many international competitions and exhibitions, where fairly quickly won gold medals and diplomas, proving the high status of the manufacturer. Picture 32 medals can still be seen on the facade of the house of the XIX century, family-owned Burlotto. The property consists of 30 wineries acres, of which 24 are located in the commune of Verdun, which is known for its southern exposure and soils of white marl. Today, the winery is the mistress of Marina Burlotto, which falls founder grandniece.


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In our store you can buy wine G.B. Burlotto, "Cannubi", Barolo DOCG, 2008, price G.B. Burlotto, "Cannubi", Barolo DOCG, 2008 — £ 51. Producer wine Azienda Vitivinicola Comm. G.B. Burlotto. Delivery G.B. Burlotto, "Cannubi", Barolo DOCG, 2008.

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