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Wine Firriato, "Le Sabbie dell'Etna" Rosso, Etna DOC, 2017

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Tasting Notes


Wine of bright ruby ​​color with lively purple reflection.


The wine shows a lively, energetic, well-balanced, rich, harmonious taste with soft tannins. Juicy fruit tones adorn notes of cinnamon, black pepper and other spices.


Mature, elegant bouquet of wine aromas envelops blueberries, cassis, plum jam, black cherry, licorice, pepper and dried violets.


The wine will be the perfect pair with grilled meats, game and mature cheeses.

Interesting Facts

COS, "Le Sabbie dell'Etna" - classic dry red wine that reflects the unique terroir Etna. It is made from indigenous Sicilian grapes Nerello Maskaleze (80%) and Nerello Cappuccio (20%). The vineyards are located at an altitude of 500-600 meters above sea level in the vicinity of the picturesque town of Castiglione di Sicilia, which is located on the northeast slope of Mount Etna. The vines are planted on sandy soils with volcanic basis with good drainage. Planting density of 4000-5000 plants per hectare, and the income from them reaches 75-77 kg / ha. Crop is harvested by hand in the second and third decade of October. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in a stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature of 26-27 ° C for 14 days. After the end of malolactic fermentation, the wine matures 6 months in oak barrels and then another 2 months aged in bottles.

Firriato winery was opened in 1985 by Salvatore Di Gaetano in the ancient town of Erice, near Trapani, the provincial capital. At this point, the highest density in the vineyard of Italy. Young winemaker saw rich, although not necessarily expressed, the potential for growth and development of winemaking in this region. The company began producing Firriato Sicily is not just cost-effective but high-quality wines and drinks to express through their evolution in consumer tastes.

Under the strict supervision of Salvatore Di Gaetano economy rapidly, intensely and relentlessly developed, creates new wine, purchased new and improved farm machinery and technological equipment of the winery. Along with the growth of "Firriato" grew awards and prizes, which deservedly won the wine sector, and most importantly - growing love of consumers. Today we can safely say that the company "Firriato" opened the world of Sicily and Sicilian wines. Therefore, in the world press winery "Firriato" proclaimed one of the most prestigious wine houses in Sicily.


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