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Vodka "Finlandia" Cranberry, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Perfectly transparent.


Due to the unique technology of continuous distillation, vodka Finland has a stunningly smooth taste, flavor infused extra bright juicy notes of northern cranberry.


In the soft aroma of fragrant notes of cranberry felt.


Can be used both in pure form and ice, perfectly combined with citrus juices, tonic, lime and is an excellent base for original cocktails. Best suited to meat and fish dishes: roast, barbecue, steak, meat with berry sauce, hodgepodge, grilled salmon, sturgeon. As appetizers perfect pickles.

Interesting Facts

The famous vodka Finland for the first time saw the world in 1970. The raw materials used for its special six-row barley, which gradually matures under the blessed rays of the midnight sun, not setting the horizon for several months.
Technology of vodka Finland also rightly be called unique, since it is manufactured using continuous distillation process, which includes more than 200 degrees of purification, making vodka gains its unique softness. Disitillyat highest quality blended with water born thousands of years ago. This pure water is extracted from a protected source in the Finnish countryside Ramayaki where formed 10,000 years ago the glacier gives her so perfectly clean, it does not even need additional treatment.
Due to its high quality vodka Finland already in 1971 became the first vodka imported into the US, and later won recognition and many prestigious awards in the UK, Germany and other countries.


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