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Wine "Evel" Branco, Douro DOC, 2017

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Tasting Notes


The color of wine - pale yellow with a hint of lemon.


The wine has a nice, rounded flavor with notes of ripe white fruit. Balanced acidity is felt from the first seconds of tasting and developed in a long and fresh finish.


Bouquet of the wine reveals a rich chord fruit aromas, floral notes and floral nuances.


The wine is recommended to serve with fish, seafood and salads.

Interesting Facts

Wine "Evel" Branco is made ​​from white grapes grown in the Quinta do Casal da Granja and Quinta do Cidrô, located in the municipalities of Alijó and S. João da Pesqueira. The cool climate region contributes to the slow maturation of the grapes with rich aroma and soft tannins. Vinification involves squeezing through a pneumatic press, fermentation at a controlled temperature and aged in steel tanks.

"Abel" - one of the oldest wine brands in Portugal, famous for his charisma. The company was founded in 1913, received its name from the word anagrams Leve (means "light"). This name as it emphasized the mission of the winery - to acquaint the world with fine wines with an incredibly clean and "light" taste. Brand "Evel" is a national brand and represents Portugal in wine bars around the world. In addition, the products are brand officially comes to presidential cellars, as proudly stated on the labels of wines. The brand celebrated its centenary and continues to develop the launch of new premium wines, answering demands of the most discerning connoisseurs of drinks. For many years the wine "Abel" at a high level is represented by Real Companhia Velha.

Producer's description

Real Companhia Velha is the oldest and most popular in Portugal for the production of wines with more than 250 years of history, every year, which was marked by the development and creation. The company is known as a producer of wine and port, for a long time already won international fame. Since the company is considered to be September 10, 1756, when the King of Portugal Jose I signed a Royal Charter, which including the mentioned company and Real Vella as important and significant undertaking that meets the needs of society. On the company highest command was entrusted with the mission to "growing vines, the preservation of their yield and purity for the benefit of agriculture, trade and public health." The company survived the war and revolution, through the centuries having carried the mission of the Portuguese winemaking traditions and popularize it as widely as possible.
Today Real Vella Company owns numerous brands account for its vineyards, 540 hectares, 65% of production is exported, confirming the high rating of the company and the successful outcome of its mission - Portuguese wines and port wines are known worldwide, and the great merit of such popularity is also a centuries-old activity Real Companhia Velha.


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