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Tequila "Don Fernando" Reposado, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Straw-yellow color with a golden hue.


Don Fernando Reposado has a very soft, deep flavor, which sounds spicy notes of vanilla, perfectly combined with the sweetness of the blue agave and fresh tones of oak.


Aroma sounds fresh notes of vanilla, agave and oak.


Tequila Reposado Don Fernando is ideal for creating delicious cocktails. It is the opinion of connoisseurs should be the basis for margaritas - the most popular cocktail, thanks to which tequila loved worldwide. Don Fernando Resposado also can be used in pure form, with the edge of a glass dipped in lime or lemon juice, then sprinkle with salt.

Interesting Facts

Tequila Don Fernando - it's not mass production, and a great drink, created almost entirely by manual labor. It is made from the blue agave grown in the region of El Arenal, and before you can enjoy its excellent taste, tequila goes 8 stages of production using traditional techniques that have been formed for centuries. When carbohydrate-rich fruits mature agave delivered to a small plant in the town of Tequila, they are cut into pieces and placed in a stone oven, where languishing at a temperature of 60-85 ° C. Then agave cooled and manually using millstones squeezed out of her sweet juice. Fermentation occurs naturally and lasts 7-12 days, after which the fermented juice is subjected to double distillation to obtain high-quality tequila fortress 55 degrees. In order to achieve the traditional fortress in 38 degrees tequila blended with pure glacier water.
Tequila Reposado Don Fernando perfectly balanced before being bottled it is aged in French oak barrels for 8 months, so that in its mild taste equally pronounced notes of agave and oak barrels, complement each other. Like all premium tequila Don Fernando Reposado 100% made from blue agave, and design registration bottle and embossed metallized label, made by hand, is the guarantor of original drinks and further emphasizes its high quality.


  • Strength: 38%
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In our store you can buy tequila "Don Fernando" Reposado, 0.75 L, price "Don Fernando" Reposado, 0.75 L — £ 31. Producer tequila Tequilera de La Barranca de Amatitan S.A de C.V. . Delivery "Don Fernando" Reposado, 0.75 L.

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