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Wine Domaines Ott, "Chateau Romassan" Rose, Bandol AOC, 2017

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Tasting Notes


Wine pale pink with red reflections


The wine shows a silky texture, perfect balance of freshness and fruitiness. Pleasant range of colors are revealed white fruit, licorice and light nuances of citrus.


The bouquet of wine concentrated fruit flavors of apricot, grapefruit and citrus notes of spices successfully shaded.


Wine is the perfect accompaniment to seafood, scallops, salmon. And also successfully combined with light meat dishes, eg pork in sweet and sour sauce.

Interesting Facts

"Chateau Romassan" Rose - excellent rosé from Provence, produced from a blend of grape varieties Mourvedre, Grenache and Senso. Bandol region, where is the Chateau Romassan, known for its beautiful landscapes, which is adjacent to the stone vines on the huge terrace. On the territory of vineyards dominated limestone, sand and marl soil. To select the best vintages vines, each variety brings a taste of the wine its charm and wealth. Senso gives the wine a special finesse, Grenache fills a glass of warmth and softness, and Mourvedre gives the wine tart base and provides a delicate pink color. After tumble dry wine is fermented in a thermoregulation, then aged 6-9 months in oak barrels.

Having moved from Alsace to Provence in 1896, agronomist engineer Marcel Otte tried to create a winery, but to unfold his case began only in 1912, when he purchased the first portion Chateau de Selle. A little later he bought two vineyards - Chateau Romassan and Clos Mireille. Descendants Marcel Ott strictly follow two principles that got them from the founder of the dynasty of wine - wine production of the highest quality and respect for nature.



Today the company Domaines Ott owns 155 hectares of vineyards and annually produces about 700,000 bottles of wine. For a century the company has managed to revive in the lands of Provence noble grape varieties, previously destroyed by phylloxera. The vineyards are used only organic methods of cultivation and tillage is done mechanically. Harvested by hand, then carefully sorted and gently pressed in the old vertical press machine. Excerpt wines held, usually in oak barrels. After bottling, the wine spends at least a year in the cellars of the winery before it gets to consumers.



Wines from Domain Ott - symbol of elegance and prestige - you can find the best restaurants in nearly all countries of the world. The palette of wines is so diverse that many restaurateurs say: "Wine Domaines Ott can choose any of the offered dishes."


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