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Whisky Cutty Sark 18 YO, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


It has a rich dark amber color.


Eighteen Cutty Sark charms velvet tones of sweet mild taste. The rich bouquet equally bright sound notes of raisins, apples, oriental spices, orange peel and vanilla tones that are the hallmark of whiskey Kathy Sark. Long aftertaste captivates warming notes of oak and smoke colors.


The refined aroma of dried fruit notes sound vanilla spice and oak.


Velvet complex flavor Kathy Sark 18 years of aging takes its owner pleasure. In order to better describe whiskey taste and aroma, it is recommended to add just a few drops of water and, like a good cognac, drink at room temperature of tulip glasses, warming his warm palm of his hand.

Interesting Facts

Cutty Sark - the world's first light blended whiskey, which, thanks to its mild and light taste won recognition in more than 120 countries worldwide. His name was in honor of whiskey most famous and the only surviving tea clipper the moment, which was built in 1869 in Scotland. The appearance of Cutty Sark whiskey associated with the introduction in 1920 in the US Prohibition, when in 1923 it began smuggled into America. Scotch whiskey quickly became popular, and after the repeal of Prohibition became the best-selling brand among alcoholic beverages, the Cutty Sark, and to this day continues to maintain its leading position in the US market.

Eighteen Cutty Sark impresses with its sensual taste, the complexity of which is able to interest and intrigue even the experienced connoisseur. He made more than 20 high-quality malt and grain alcohols Speyside and Highland, the last double distillation and aged in oak for at least 18 years of age. After blending whiskey necessarily kept repeatedly to taste whiskey has become more balanced, harmonious and sounded new notes. A distinctive feature of technology of Cutty Sark whiskey is gentle filtering, which allows you to preserve the natural oily structure and make the taste of whiskey milder and varied.
Cutty Sark 18 Year Old decorate collection of the most experienced connoisseur of whiskey and give its owner a lot of pleasant moments.


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In our store you can buy whisky Cutty Sark 18 YO, 0.7 L, price Cutty Sark 18 YO, 0.7 L — £ 61. Producer whisky Berry Brothers and Rudd. Delivery Cutty Sark 18 YO, 0.7 L.

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