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Liqueur "Cointreau", 1 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor crystal clear color, while adding the ice gets opal (matt-white) color, which indicates a high content of natural essential oils.


Liquor has a delicious taste - mild at first, and later acquires a burning tone with rich notes of bitter and sweet oranges in the aftertaste.


Liquor excites the imagination with its rich aroma with notes of fruit, white flowers, orange and essential oils.


Cointreau is traditionally used as an aperitif and is widely used for the preparation of cocktails, are increasingly replacing Triple sec. Cointreau cocktails imparts a rich orange flavor and new flavors.

Interesting Facts

Cointreau - famous French liquor, the secret of which is unique in a harmonious combination of selected sweet and bitter oranges, which form the basis of this drink. Liqueur made in France according to an old family recipe. For the manufacture of the factory Cointreau in Angers arrives dried peel of bitter oranges from the Antilles, sweet oranges from Brazil, Spain and Southern France. Peel insist on alcohol for a few days, the infusion takes a double distillation in old copper pot stills, then the liquor is added spring water and sugar syrup. Secret technology is strict adherence to the proportions of which are known only to owners of the brand.
History of the liquor began in 1849, when the brothers Adolf and Edouard-Jean Cointreau founded the family distillery production. The first bottle of Cointreau liqueur was released Jean-son Edward, Edward, in 1875. In 1887, liquor won the first prize, which marked the beginning of a series of awards. Edward has also developed an elegant square-shaped bottle, and in 1885 received a patent for the name of the liquor and its appearance, protection, so the liquor from the fakes. Realizing that to succeed in business you need drastic changes, Edouard Cointreau went to the island of Curacao, where a family factory started to receive the world's best peel of bitter oranges. That taste of oranges was the basis for a new liqueur Cointreau, which also consisted of sweet oranges from Brazil and Spain. Today, Cointreau is one of the most popular liquors, it is sold in more than 100 countries around the world and is widely used for the preparation of delicious cocktails. Cointreau liqueur won double gold at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition - 2008.


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