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Sake Choya, 720 ml

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Tasting Notes


Transparent to the color.


Choya Sake has a harmonious, surprisingly mild flavor, dry and at the same time slightly sweet.


Unobtrusive aroma with light tones of rice.


Thanks to full-bodied structure Choya sake should be served warmed up 36-38S in traditional porcelain cups Sakazuki. Warm sake is ideal for cold sushi and rolls, as well as fisheries hotel provides shuttle and meat dishes - sukiyaki, teriyaki and yakitori. It goes well with langoustines and lobsters.

Interesting Facts

Company History CHOYA UMESHU CO. LTD started in 1914, until 1945, she worked exclusively producing wine. In the postwar period Choya Umesh try their hand at manufacturing brands, but failed, and then it was decided to specialize in traditional Japanese recipes, especially plum liqueur and sake. The success exceeded all expectations, products quickly gained recognition locally, and then, and the international market. Today Choya Umesh is known throughout the world for the highest quality of alcoholic beverages.
Choya Sake is one of the best in its category. Rice from which the drink is made is grown in an ecologically clean region of Japan - Nara, here is mined and softest spring water. The uniqueness of the technology of production of sake is slow fermentation that occurs naturally, as well as the addition of a special mold - Koji, which promotes the conversion of starch into sugar, thereby acquires Choya light sweet flavor. Snegodnya Sake Choya - the hottest sake in Europe and is a leader in sales worldwide.

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In our store you can buy sake Choya, 720 ml, price Choya, 720 ml — £ 8. Producer sake Choya Umeshu. Delivery Choya, 720 ml.

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