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Tasting Notes


The wine has an intense purple color.


The wine is rich and mellow flavor with hints of mocha, tobacco leaf, blackberry, black cherry, roasted coffee and wood smoke.


The aroma of wine audible tones of ripe fruit, black cherry, cocoa and cedar.


The wine is recommended to drink with venison, young lamb and beef.

Interesting Facts

Chateau Le Bon Pasteur, 2009 - elegant, noble French wine from two kinds of high-quality grapes: Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Thanks to the skillful and competent work of winemakers, vintage was exceptional characteristics: an intense purple color, juicy and very rich taste, which captured the multifaceted tone mocha, blackberry, black currant, tobacco leaf and wood smoke, black cherry and roasted coffee. The aroma is in no way inferior to not rich flavor, it is dominated by tones of ripe fruit, strongly advocate notes of black cherry, cocoa and cedar. Experts recommend to serve wine paired with venison, lamb and beef.

Michel Rolland, the owner of Château Le Bon Pasteur and several other Chateau, is a descendant of the Bordeaux winemakers. He was born in Libourne in 1947. He spent his childhood in the family Chateau Le Bon Pasteur (Château Le Bon Pasteur), where his grandfather was selling wine called "Bon Pasteur". We can say that the wine in the blood of Michel, and it is not surprising that, as an adult, he learned in the agricultural lyceum Chateau La Tour Blanche, and then at the University of Bordeaux in the Faculty of Oenology.
After completing his studies at the University of Michelle joined the big enological laboratory Monsieur and Madame kid in Libourne, and in a short period of time - only three months - was their companion. Michelle visited Bordeaux estates, sharing their knowledge, but winemakers prefer to work in the old way, and the winery did not have the necessary equipment. In 1979, the family suffered a loss - Michel's father died, and he began to perform his duties in his own mansion, but do not forget about the work in the laboratory.

In 1985 he took a fateful visit to California, Californian winemakers Michel was invited to explore the possibilities of improving the capacity of the region's wines. Michel Rolland himself remembers it this way: "Like all young entrepreneurs, I wanted to travel to broaden their knowledge, but this trip was the beginning of my practice consultant, who will lead me on four continents, in more than one hundred and fifty different estates. This my path was littered with wonderful experiences, visits to vineyards and meetings with grapes in different climatic conditions and cultures. This is an exceptional adventure, professional and human! ".

Today, Michel Rolland - a legendary figure, one of the great oenologist who cooperates with 150 wineries in 17 countries. It is sometimes called "flying winemaker" - because he nearly half of its life in the flights. But otherwise, if his family owns land in France, Spain, Argentina, India and South Africa! Wine Michel Rolland family gathered under the title "Rolland Collection". Michel Rolland loves the concept of "terroir", which in his opinion, first of all, embodies the philosophy, culture and traditions, not just the characteristics of the soil and climatic conditions. Michel Rolland believes that any wine worth a try in person, without relying on crop year.


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