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Wine Chateau Duhart-Milon Rothschild Pauillac Grand Cru AOC 2000

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Tasting Notes


Wine purple-ruby color.


The wine has a well-structured, elegant taste with hints of balsam, licorice, chocolate and earth. Strong tannins. Long, juicy finish.


Wine aroma reminiscent of blueberry pie, complete with notes of cedar, plums, spices, black currants and raspberries, as well as notes of tobacco.


Wine perfectly doolnyaet red meat and game dishes, and goes well with cheese.

Interesting Facts

Wine "Chateau Duhart-Milon Rothschild" is often called the classical version of Pauillac wines. Despite this, the wine has a unique, unique character that was marked in the description of Abraham Lawton back in 1815: "The wine has the same taste, beautiful color and vitality." It is so, it remains to this day.

When the history of Chateau Douar-Milon is not known, but in the beginning of the XVIII century on the high-quality soils Milon hills, cultivated beautiful vineyards, the harvest of which is used by the neighboring Chateau Lafite to build its second wine. Much of the land - just over 26 hectares - owned by Mr. Mandavi, another 14 acres owned by Mrs. Douar, widow Syrah Duarte, former, as legend has it, a pirate in the days of Louis XV, and in old age settled in Pauillac. "Pirate House" existed in the port of Pauillac until the mid XX century. This story is now depicted on the labels of wines from the "Douar-Milon." According to the classification of soils 1855 Chateau Douar-Milon, a feature of which was the fact that the earth was not as such the Castle, was awarded fourth place in the ranking of Pauillac wines. From 1830 and until 1937 was a family owned Chateau Kasteyya (Casteja). Then Chateau was sold permanently changed hands and eventually went into decline - gradually decreased quantity and quality of grapes, and after the terrible frost in 1956 vineyards completely emptied. Rothschild family bought the Chateau in 1962. "It would be foolish not to buy such a beautiful vineyard in the neighborhood of Lafite," - said the Baron Eric de Rothschild. Chateau area at that time was 110 hectares, of which only 17 took the vine. Chateau Rothschild invested in a huge investment and realized important projects: draining, uprooting and replanting of new vines, the acquisition of the neighboring areas, the reintegration of vineyards, construction of new cellars.


  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
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