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Tasting Notes


The wine shows a deep ruby ​​color.


Soft, sweet, rounded wine with well-balanced taste, fruit tones and a long aftertaste.


Complex, delightful aroma of the wine reveals fruity notes of black cherry and black currant.


The wine goes well with dishes of tender veal and lamb, accentuate the taste of mushrooms and game.

Interesting Facts

Chateau Corbin Michotte - elegant wine with rich, bright taste and complex fruity aroma. Soft style of wine to drink it allows now, but in 20 years the wine will show his power and strength.
For the manufacture of wine "Château Corbin Mishott" is used several classic for this region grapes growing in Pomerol and St. Emilion. Soil vineyards - sandy clay and iron oxide scale. Harvesting is done by hand for wines from vines with an average age - 50 years, reaching a maximum berry color and concentration. Then the grapes are sorted, removing leaves and other impurities. In the case of rainy weather collection stops until the grapes dry. Fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature, long maceration, the lifetime depends on the daily tastings. The wine is aged from 18 to 24 months in new oak barrels. At Chateau believe that the flavors of the tree should never delete fruitiness terroir, but only improve it. After bottling the wine is stored in a cool, humid underground cellar dug in the limestone. Wine is able to develop over 30 years. However, paradoxically, but it is beautiful and at a young age, thanks to its silky tannins.

Chateau Corbin Mishott located on the lands of Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. This Chateau was once part of a large manor belonging to Prince Noir. The estate preserved buildings of the XIX century, which were in poor condition, while the estate bought by Jean-Noel Bodron, hereditary winemaker of the family, which since 1760 has been winemaking. He restored the building, rebuilt the cellars and achieved a rehabilitation of this Grand Cru. In the hard work he helps his family.
Vineyards Chateau grow on soil rich in micronutrients, and never treated with herbicides. The amplitude of the fluctuations in the level of groundwater leads to a shortage of water in the soil during the ripening of the grapes, but it is good for berry, giving them a more intense flavor.
Jean-Noel Bodron works as a consultant in many Chateau Pomerol and St. Emilion. In addition, Jean-Noel - the world-famous winemaker and taster, a member of the Academy of Wine France (Academie Internationnal des Vins et de l'Academie des Vins de France). His wine "Chateau Corbin Michotte" always receives high marks in ratings specialists.


  • Color depth: saturated
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 14-16°С
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