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Wine Chateau Ausone Saint-Emilion AOC 1er Grand Cru Classe "A" 1990

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Tasting Notes


Wine of deep ruby ​​color.


The wine has a rich, sweet flavor with hints of sweet fruit, good length and a long finish. Wine Chateau Ozone always differ incredibly high in tannin, so the taste is present great strength and harmony.


The wine has an intense aroma with notes of dark berries and dried fruits.


The wine goes well with meat dishes and cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Do not spoil the wine with water that you poured / Drink wine neat, clean, taste wine"
Epigram XX, Roman poet Ozone (301-395)

Wine Chateau Ozone is considered one of the rarest and most prestigious wine region of Bordeaux. In addition, it is one of two wines, along with Château Cheval Blanc, awarded the title of Premier Cru Class A classification of wines of Saint Emilion 1955. In addition, the Chateau Ozone - the third most expensive wine of Bordeaux, it is second only to wines Petrus and Le Pin. As a young wine Chateau Ozone can have a high tannin, but with age the taste begin to dominate the bright notes of currants, raspberries and ripe cherries on a spicy background.
After manual grape harvest, followed by careful selection, fermented in wooden tanks at controlled temperatures. Then, a malolactic fermentation in oak barrels in which the wine is then kept for 24 months. Excerpt occurs in limestone caves estate Chateau Ozone.
The wine has the potential exposure within fifty years, although some vintages are able to save a hundred years, the unique taste of Chateau Ozone.

Ozone Chateau is located on the right bank of the Bordeaux wine region near the town of Saint-Emilion. Legend has it that Chateau Ozone gets its name from the Roman poet and politician ozone - according to legend, the estate is located on the ruins of the villa of the poet. In addition to poetry, politics and rhetoric of ozone produced wine and owned vineyard located, apparently, not far from Bordeaux. Since the beginning of the 18th century manor owned by the family of Kant, where the prestige of wine Chateau Ozone became gradually increase. However, in the second half of the XX century among heirs Chateau Ozone began to arise disputes concerning the order of winemaking and farming. In 2003, the main successor dies estate El Dubois Chalon, and Chateau Ozone is fully transferred to the management of Alan Vauthier.
Vineyard Chateau Ozone is located on limestone soils of Saint Emilion appellation, partly - in the valley, which keeps the grapes from frost. Being small in size (about 7 hectares), vineyard allows winemakers carefully take care of each vine. The average age is 50 years old vines. Half of the land is planted with Cabernet Franc, half - Merlot. Chateau Ozone also produces second wine - Chapelle d'Ausone and wine Ch. Moulin Saint Georges, Ch. de Fonbel. Total annual Chateau Ozone produces no more than 2,000 cases of wine. Wine Chateau Ozone 1990 has the potential exposure to 2040, but you can drink it now.



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