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Tequila Cazadores Blanco, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes




Kazadores Blanco has a soft and light taste, a charming bouquet is pronounced notes of blue agave, as well as floral and spicy tones of cinnamon and jasmine.


Has a fresh, rich aroma dominated by notes of tropical fruits.


Kazadores Blanco - young tequila, which is due to its mild and diverse taste can be used in pure form, as well as used as a basis for creating delicious cocktails. Perfectly combined with citrus fresh, as well as hot and spicy meat dishes Mexican, Argentinian and Japanese cuisine.

Interesting Facts

The history of tequila Kazadores began in 1922, when the hard-working farmer Jose Maria bought a plantation in the state of Jalisco. Here he worked all day tirelessly, and at night in the moonlight admired deer roaming among bizarre silhouettes agave. Many years later, in memory of those minutes the deer become the trademark of tequila Kazarodes, which to this day can be seen on the label. First, on the basis of the traditional Mexican pulque Jose Maria has created a first-class liquor and later tequila, which perfected the recipe for years before the light appeared a great drink that is now known worldwide. He gave her the name "Kazadores" which in Spanish means "hunters" and symbolizes the quest and those works that he put "hunt" for a unique recipe tequila. His efforts were not in vain because today Kazadores one of the five best-selling tequila in the world.
Kazadores Blanco - a young, soft and light tequila premium, which is bottled immediately after distillation, without being subject to aging. She has amazing soft and slightly dry flavor, flavor infused tones of oriental spices and flowers, favorably shades dominant notes of blue agave. Tequila Blanco Kazadores perfectly combined with other drinks, be it citrus juice or liqueur "Cointreau". Try the classic margarita on the basis Kazadores Blanco, and you will be charmed by the new flavors that give this excellent tequila cocktail.

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