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Rum "Captain Morgan" Black, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Has a dark amber color.


Captain Morgan Black has a very soft, smooth and rich flavor in the bouquet is dominated by notes of vanilla, complemented by notes of sweet cane molasses and nuances of oak.


The soft tones of honey flavor sounds, vanilla and subtle hints of oak.


Dark rum Captain Morgan Black is perfect for the most daring and unusual cocktails. Also, thanks to its mild taste can be used in pure form as a long drink with ice and lemon. Should drink rum in glasses "old-fashioned" with thick walls and even more heavy-bottomed. A good cigar will become Captain Morgan Black perfect pair.

Interesting Facts

Rum Captain Morgan has an interesting history, as it was first created a real pirate Henry Morgan, whose name inspired terror in the Caribbean islands. The story of his piracy ended in 1671, when Spain and England signed a peace treaty, and in 1673 for his services to England, he was awarded the title of "sulfur" and appointed vice-governor of Jamaica, where he created the original recipe pirate drink.
Today, the bulk of the production of rum Captain Morgan is also carried out in Jamaica, where the Jamaican cane from selected columns in retifikatsionnyh continuous type, a distillate of the highest quality. The resulting alcohol is delivered to England, where rum and aged in oak barrels.
Captain Morgan Black became the first in the family, and falls into the category of dark rums. Before you go on sale drink is aged for 3 years in oak barrels of bourbon, which gives her an amber color and a unique palette of flavor and aroma. Captain Morgan Black combines the carefree Jamaican and English quality, it is covered by a halo legendary pirate adventures and has an individual contemporary style. Due to the mild taste of Captain Morgan Black good as ice and as an excellent ingredient of refreshing cocktails or punsha.Poprobuyte and you will penetrate the spirit of the drink.


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