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Wine "Cantalupi" Riserva DOC, 2013

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Tasting Notes


Wine of deep ruby ​​red color with garnet reflections.


Taste wine rich, soft and harmonious, balanced structure and persistent, long finish.


The wine has an expressive aroma with notes of small red berries, fruit and spice nuances.


The wine goes well with beef or beef on the grill, pasta with tomato or spicy sauce and mature cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Elegant, well-balanced red wine "Cantalupi" Riserva is made ​​from the best grapes grown in vineyards with a total area of 320 hectares, located in the estate cantaloupe in the heart of one of the best appellasonov Puglia - Salice Salentino DOC. In the vineyards constantly works on the selection of clones showing the best results in certain terroirs. Here, trying to use as little as possible of chemicals. After the harvest, the grapes are separated from the ridges and gently pressed. Maceration and fermentation take place in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature 28-30 ° C. The wine is aged for 12 months in the 30 gektolitrovyh oak barrels. Storage capacity of wine is 5 years.

Wine "cantaloupe" Riserva has won numerous awards, including:
• Vintage 2007 - bronze medal, Japan Wine Challenge, 2010;
• Vintage 2006 - Silver Medal, Japan Wine Challenge, 2009;
• Vintage 2006 - Silver medal, Selections Mondiales Des Vins Canada;
• Vintage 2005 - Silver Medal, Japan Wine Challenge, 2008;
• Vintage 2005 - Bronze Medal, Decanter World Wine Awards, 2009;
• Vintage 2004 - bronze medal, Japan Wine Challenge, 2007;
• Vintage 2003 - Bronze Medal, Decanter World Wine Awards, 2006;
• Vintage 2003 - Silver Medal, Japan Wine Challenge, 2006;
• Vintage 2001 - the title of "Best in Puglia", Decanter Guide, 2005.

Winery Conti Zecca, located in Puglia, has five centuries of history with a rich tradition, passion and innovation that have made ​​her one of the most important wine producers in Apulia. Neapolitan family Dzekka (Zecca) moved to Italy in 1500, where he began farming on his own estates. The family business has evolved over the centuries, and in 1935 Count Dzekka Alcibiades, who was endowed with courage and entrepreneurial abilities, decided to start the production of wine from their own vineyards. The wine cellar was built in Leverano, and this city has become one of the most important areas of the food in Puglia and South Italy. After World War II, the son of Alcibiades, Count Giuseppe, introduced new technology of growing grapes and wine production began bottling wine in the bottle.

Today the heirs of Count Alcibiades - Francesco, Luciano and Mario continues the family tradition, giving himself entirely family business: the choice of the ideal sites for planting the best vineyards, selection of agronomic technologies and identify the optimal harvest time for vinification to bottling of wine in the bottle. Brothers do not forget about traditions: how many years ago, the grapes are fermented for a long period, while fully respecting the ancient rules compliance. This creates high quality wines, which are among the most remarkable in Puglia. Today Puglia wine - one of the favorite Italian wines. The best known of Apulian wines - wines of Salento, which, in fact, can be attributed to one of the best in Italy.

Conti Dzekka produces high quality red, pink and white wines from the vineyard area of 320 hectares, which are located between the Salice Salentino Leverano and Puglia in the south, where the family has four of its own economy (cantaloupe, Saracen, Donna Marcia and Santo Stefano). This area is well known for producing great wines DOC. On wine farms Conti Dzekka grow local vines (Primitivo, Negroamaro, Malmsi, Aglianico, Fiano, Chardonnay and Vermentino), and international (Cabernet Sauvignon). Strict control and care of the vineyards ensures high quality wines at a very good price. Today wine Conti Dzekka known and loved throughout the world, they regularly receive awards awarded prominent publications such as Duemilavini and Gambero Rosso.


  • Color depth: saturated
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 18–20 °С
  • Website:
  • Aging potential: 5 years
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