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Whisky Canadian Club, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whisky has a beautiful amber color.


Whisky has a delicate, very soft, warm flavor, with bitter-sweet aftertaste - which is typical for rye whiskey.


Whiskey with a wonderful, sweet aroma with herbal notes.


Whiskey is recommended to use in its pure form as well as it is unusually good for cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Canadian Club whiskey has a mild, delicate, clean and crisp taste with a delicate bouquet, which pronounced fruitiness of bourbon. Because of its softness, whiskey Canadiana Club is an excellent base for cocktails.

Whiskey Canadian Club - the oldest blended whiskey from Canada. Over 140 years old, he is a drink, especially revered Canadian whiskey lovers. In 1858, former US grocer Hiram Walker built a distillery The Hiram Walker and Sons - still located in the same place on the Detroit River, in Canada (Ontario), near the border with the United States. Continuously improving the process of distillation, Walker creates whiskey "Walkers Club" (Walkers Club), which is becoming popular in the clubs of the gentlemen from the United States and Canada, and became known as the "Club Whisky". According to the legend, the famous gangster Al Capone during the "dry law" not once crossed the border in order to get the coveted whiskey.
Hiram Walker positioned his whiskey, whiskey as a premium, with a pure flavor, which is preparing a special recipe - a mixture of corn and barley in addition to rye, which is sent for further aging in oak barrels. Aromas of rye, rye and barley malt and corn combine and give rise to an extraordinary, sweet and mild flavor that distinguishes from other Canadian Club, Scottish, Irish and American whiskey. Term of maturing whiskey Canadiana Club - at least 5 years in new barrels. For that time it was a novel idea, because usually all bourbon whiskey produced in the United States, "grow old" for about a year.
In 1889, after the adoption of the US law on the need to specify the country of origin on the label, Walker added to the name of the word "Canadian", and whiskey got its present name - Canadiana Club (Canadian Club). After the death of Walker, in 1899, his life's work passed to his sons, and 21 years later - to the grandchildren.
Whiskey Canadiana Club ranks third among Canadian whiskey worldwide sales and is on the 47th place in the list of the world's finest alcoholic beverages premium.
Canadiana Club was awarded the Order of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII King George V, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

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