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Cachaca 51, 1 L

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Tasting Notes


Cachaca crystal clear color.


Cachaca has a mild sweet flavor with spicy and spicy aftertaste.


Cachaca has a wonderful aroma with notes of raw sugar cane, fruit, grass land and shades.


Cachaca is easy to drink pure lime, as well as beautiful as an ingredient in smoothies.

Interesting Facts

Cachaca 51 - a leading Brazilian brand, as well as one of the best selling alcoholic beverages, which are exported to over 30 countries. Cachaca - is the national drink of Brazil, the first mention of which appeared in 1530, created by distilling fermented Cachaca sugarcane extract. Cachaca 51 began producing in 1951 in the city of Pirassununga, and the appearance of numbers "51" in the name of the drink is associated with the beginning of the year of its production.

Cachaca 51 is created from the best varieties of sugar cane harvest is going at the peak of maturity, has the highest sugar content. Cachaça is distilled directly from unrefined sugar cane juice, held a three-week fermentation in wooden vats. Special technology helps preserve flavor distilled sugar cane, so the drink gets its inimitable character.

Cachaca 51 won the gold medal in the competition International Sugar Cane Spirits Tasting Competition 2006, two gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2007.

Producer's description

Company Muller de Bebidas is today the largest producer of rum in the world. This is a bright representative of the successful combination of innovation, daring marketing solutions and sound business practices. The company was founded Guilherme Müller Filho, a Brazilian of German origin. Her whole story evolved around one drink - rum, production and sale of which were launched in 1951. Subsequently, she became a leader in the segment of alcoholic beverages in Brazil. The company's business went so well that in 70 years the factory was bought Taboao, where it was installed the most modern at the time the bottling line. Muller de Bebidas continued investment in modern technology, extension of the range of drinks produced and intensively engaged in increasing markets. In all regions of Brazil opened its representation, and in the 90s beverage companies began to export to other countries. Today, the company's products is represented in nearly 50 countries in Europe, Asia and America. A great number of awards and certificates of ISO9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) confirms its excellent quality.

Muller de Bebidas has an area of approximately 7,500 hectares, on which grows 600,000 tonnes of sugar cane per year. Relentless control at all stages of production, from soil preparation for planting cane to bottling the finished product, allows the company to be in a state of sustainable development. Mark Muller de Bebidas plants equipped with the latest technology and have a full line of recycling.


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