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Wine Ca'Botta, "Estate" Bianco Venezie IGT, 2015

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Tasting Notes


The color of wine - clean and clear straw yellow.


Delicate wine has a pleasant fruity taste with a delicate acidity and a sweet aftertaste.


The wine has an elegant fruity aroma, showing good varietal bouquet, with a slight trail of sweetish floral notes.


The wine is ideal for feeding with fruit desserts, snacks and salads in summer. Excellent thirst quencher.

Interesting Facts

Delicate wine Ca'Botta, "Estate" Bianco Venezie IGT will give pleasure and great taste demonstrate that selection of wines family winery Ka'Botta truly diverse. The wine is made from Trebbiano grape varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco with no added sugar and alcohol fermenting exclusively natural way. After destemming and gentle pressing of grapes the must subjected to short kriomatseratsii by dry ice. The wine is fermented at a temperature of 14-18 ° C and kept in stainless steel tanks for several months. After that, the wine is bottled and sold.

Producer's description

The company's founder is a Russian emigrant Ca'Botta Yuri Pamfilov. After leaving Russia in the late 90s of the twentieth century, he moved to Italy. Starting his career, Yuri did not even think that will be engaged in winemaking. The impetus was acquainted with a neighbor Ermanno Kokkola. Persuaded George to plant a few vines near the house, Ermanno made from vintage wine with them and presented it Pamfilova. After that, Yuri understood why so long could not find something for everyone. After all, it was waiting for winemaking. In 2007, Yuri bought land in hilly terrain in the region Valtenesi Garda Classico, not far from his home. What was his surprise when, during the plowing of land there found the remains of century-old vines of grapes. Oenology managed to revive them, and today they collected from the harvest are added in the manufacture of wine farms. Two years later, the family acquired another estate near Verona, in the hills in the area of ​​Valpolicella. Since then, the company produces Ka'Botta wine harvest which is collected in two different areas, so as to share their products into two types - Classic (from Valpolicella DOC) and a more democratic and experimental (zone of Garda DOC).

Title Ka'Botta became symbolic for the economy. Looking documents on the name, Yuri found that once was located near the vineyards village, named Ka Botta, after which the whole area got its name. Literally translated, Ca (derived from "casa") - "House", botta - "chimes". That is, "the house in which the bell sounds." That is how Yuri decided to name his company, symbolically depicting the house with a bell tower surrounded by vineyards on the labels of their wines. By the way, the name of Yuri also replaced Cabot. Today, the company is actively developing Ca'Botta, engaging production of natural wines in northern Italy, producing a fairly large amount of high-quality products and exporting it to other countries. The company is a member of the consortium of winemakers Verona. In the creation of wines Yuri help his wife, two sons and a daughter.


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