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Tasting Notes


Wine golden straw color.


The wine shows rich taste - sweet and pleasantly fruity, ending with a long, elegant finish.


Delicate aroma of wine captures notes of white peach and citrus.


The wine goes well with fruit pies, cookies, almond cake and other desserts.

Interesting Facts

Sweet white wine in the company Ka'Byanka made ​​of slightly overripe Muscat grapes Bianco, which is collected on the slopes of Alto Monferrato at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. The fermentation process takes place in closed tanks and stops cooling, leaving a pleasant sweet aftertaste. The sugar content of Moscato D'Asti is 120 g / l. In the manufacture of wine using a special technology, the so-called "Method of Asti", according to which, as soon as the crop is harvested, it is as soon as possible exposed desteblirovaniyu and pressed, so that manages to retain subtle floral aromas. Necessarily resulting wort is cooled and filtered, after which it goes to the next processing step.

Muscat Bianco, which are made ​​from wine Moscato D'Asti, one of the oldest varieties of Muscat family (it was registered in Piedmont still in the XIII century), which significantly increases its value among the abundance of grape varieties. This variety is grown successfully in Europe and in the New World, and also widely used for a variety of wines with individual style and the level of sweetness. In Italy, Muscat Bianco is a significant part of the production of white wines, some of which are annually exported around the world. Sweet wine Moscato d 'Asti has a low alcohol content (7%), expressive aromas and fresh, subtly sweet flavor that makes it an ideal accompaniment to desserts, fruit pies, cakes and strawberries.

The winery is located in the commune of Ca'Bianca Alice Bel Colle (Alice Bel Colle), in the Piedmont region. The farm is about 39 hectares in the hills of Alto Monferrato. The winery is one of the youngest in the wine-growing region, it was founded in the early 1950s. Now it is a young and dynamic company that offers a wide selection of quality wines.


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