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Cognac Bowen V.S.O.P. in gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Mahogany color.


Bowen Cognac VSOP has a perfectly balanced, harmonious taste, which give a special charm to the warm tones of spices and a long aftertaste with tones of vanilla.


Complex aroma reveals notes of jasmine and violet wood and give it a special charm tones of hazelnut and tobacco.


Bowen Cognac VSOP five-year exposure is best to use at the end of the meal as a digestif. He takes a real pleasure if you drink it in its pure form according to the classic ritual of tulip shaped glasses, enjoying not only a rich palette of taste, but also delicious flavors, reveals over time with new faces. Drink this magnificent cognac need warming warmth of his hand, but in any case not fueling the fire, that is. To. Its member volatile compounds evaporate instantly, and he will lose most of the palette of taste and aroma.

Interesting Facts

Shabass company was founded in 1818 by Jean-Baptiste Shabassom, and today it is headed by the third generation of a family in which a reverent attitude to the creation of Cognac passed on from father to son. Thanks to ongoing research in the field of distillation and aging Shabass company eventually became the owner of the line of fine cognacs, which are now recognized as one of the best in the world.

Mark cognacs "Bowen" is the pride of the company, and the basis of its creation is a romantic story, according to which Louis Oliver Shabass, traveling to India, met Elizabeth Bowen charismatic, struck him courage and freedom of spirit. It is in her honor and was named an excellent cognac, with its unique range of flavors that made Louis returned to France. Many years later, trying to capture the history of his family, Renee Luke Shabass, who heads the company today, not only restored the blend, but also developed a whole line of cognac under the brand Bowen, which attracts attention as an excellent taste characteristics and luxurious design.

30% of the total sales of cognac Bowen V.S.O.P. by that of the best masters of blending grape alcohol use high-quality of the two sub-regions of the Cognac region - Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. Excellent alcohols Petit Champagne, disclosed notes of ripe fruit are classified as Premiers Crus du Cognac and require long aging in a barrel, while alcohols Fins Bois differ oily and full-bodied texture. Excerpt Bowen V.S.O.P. produced exclusively in Limousin oak barrels and at least 4 years, making brandy gets softer, rounded flavor with a complex palette of flavor and aroma.





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