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Set "Bourgeois" Gold Semidolce, gift box with 2 glasses

£ 4
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Interesting Facts

The set includes 1 bottle of brandy and 2 glasses
Bottle capacity: 700 ml
Cardboard box
Color of box: claret

"Milenario" Solera Gran Reserva - exquisite sherry brandy, the best brandy of the company Luis Caballero. True to tradition, authentic, possessing a strong character, this brandy is made from carefully selected best distillates from sherry wines. Maturation took place in the old system "Solera", which was established in 1795. Over the years, old American oak barrels have absorbed many shades, so the brandy sustained in them has an incredible balance and strength and acquires an exceptional taste, while retaining elegant elegance.
"Milenario" Solera Gran Reserva offers an unforgettable experience. Enjoy this unique brandy after eating in pure form or with ice, accompanied by good chocolate (milk, bitter). Also, he will create the perfect combination with soft drinks or as part of alcoholic cocktails.

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