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Tasting Notes


Madera bright golden-yellow color.


Madera has a sweet, concentrated flavor with a refreshing acidity.


The aroma of Madeira felt notes of dried fruit, figs, nuts.


Madera is excellent as a digestif, goes well with the nutty desserts, biscuits, fruit and coffee.

Interesting Facts

Madeira Malvasia "Colheita" made ​​from Malvasia grapes grown in the vineyard "Sao Martinho" on the island of Madeira. The word "Colheita" on the label means "harvest". Millezimnyh Madeira is essentially an early bottled vintage, originating from a single vineyard and bottled after aging in oak barrels for at least 5 years. In addition, the company indicated on the label Barbeyto number barrels, which was maintained Madeira example, Malvasia 1994 - Cask 18a, Malvasia 1995 - Cask 81a, Malvasia 2000 - Cask 44a.

Barbeyto - a dynamic wine company Madeira. A small family-owned company, founded in 1946, in the early 90s right caught the main direction of development of the international wine market. Making emphasis on quality rather than quantity of products, the company Barbeyto first among manufacturers island refused export cheap Madeira in huge tanks and completely shifted to supply only high quality bottled wine. As a result, the company has quickly become Barbeyto in the second-largest supplier of Madeira produced in bottles, which is now exported to 15 countries.

The company has not Barbeito own vineyards, so it buys raw materials from 140 small farms, and then processes it in its own winery. It is noteworthy that many odnosortovye (monosepazhnye) from Madeira Barbeyto 100% made of the claimed noble grape varieties, although by law the lower limit is about 85%. Madera from Barbeyto never colored with caramel and not be artificially reduce acidity. High quality of Madeira is confirmed by numerous victories and awards at various international competitions. At the international exhibition Vinexpo 2003 Jury special diploma was awarded Madeira "Sersial" 1978.


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