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Set "Baileys" Original, gift box with 2 cups

£ 7
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Interesting Facts

Set includes 1 bottle of liquor and 2 cups
The volume of the bottle: 700 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: dark cherry

Liquor "Baileys" was created in 1974 in Ireland. The first type of liquor is called "Baileys" Original. The recipe is liquor in secret, although it is known that for its preparation use Irish whiskey, cream, alcohol, and aromatic additives. As often happens with great discoveries, the liquor was created by accident. At that time, when David Dando (CEO Gilbeys of Ireland), along with his team of experts decided to create a new and unique drink by mixing products which are the pride of his country - Ireland, he got nothing on earth like a drink of whiskey and Irish cream . This was followed by about four years to improve the formula. After a perfect formula for creating the beverage was found David Dando its patented and registered a company called R & A Bailey & Co. For the production of liqueur "Baileys" production plant uses about 220 million liters of milk a year! In 2005 the company began to produce two new types of liquor - creamy caramel "Bailey" and "Baileys" with mint-chocolate flavor. Both drinks were greatly appreciated by both professionals and consumers around the world.

Liquor "Baileys" - this is a great addition to ice cream, chocolate biscuits, yogurt, fruit salad, nuts. Also, it can be used in pure form, or by adding iced coffee drink. "Baileys" Original has a pleasant and gentle color latte. Its aroma and taste are present notes of cream, vanilla, caramel and chocolate. On the basis of this liqueur makes a huge amount of cocktails, the most popular of which is the "B-52". If you are a lover of liquor, "Bailey", you can safely buy several bottles as drink has a long shelf life.

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In our store you can buy wine set "Baileys" Original, gift box with 2 cups, price "Baileys" Original, gift box with 2 cups — £ 7. Producer wine set Baileys. Delivery "Baileys" Original, gift box with 2 cups.

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