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Rum Angostura Aged 7 Years, 50 ml

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Tasting Notes


Rum rich caramel brown.


The Roma have a rich, intense flavor with notes of hot spices and long aftertaste.


The aroma of rum Angostura Eydzhid 7 EARS dominated by shades of maple syrup, chocolate with notes of light haze.


Ideal base for cocktails and can also be used by itself as a digestif and accompanied by a good cigar.

Interesting Facts

Rum - a drink of pirates and revolutionaries. Among his fans in the same row are the names of Henry Morgan and the Comandante Che Guevara, Sir Francis Drake, and Fidel Castro. World famous drink rum made in the twentieth century, Ernest Hemingway, expertly described him burning taste, pronounced flavor and yellow color with a golden sheen.
To prepare the rum Angostura Eydzhid 7 EARS uses only the lower part of the reed stalks: it contains the most sugar. Stems milled and then slowly milled in special mills. The resulting mess is drained and squeezed out the juice of boiled syrup. Part of the sugar contained in the syrup crystallizes. These crystals were removed and the remaining fluid - molasses - diluted with water, is mixed with yeast and left to ferment. Fermented liquid is passed through the alembic, resulting in a distillate containing 73% alcohol. Transparent distillate is double carbon filtration. The resulting drink is kept in American oak barrels of bourbon for 7 years.

The company "House of-the Angostura", more known for its aromatic bitters, has been producing rum since 1947. House of Angostura holds fermentation, distillation, aging and pours alcoholic drinks, mainly rum, in Laventil in Trinidad and Tobago. Today the company produces about 65,000 liters of alcohol daily and owns six warehouses for aging beverages, enclosing about 80 000 boxes. Each year it produces about 600,000 boxes of rum, which is exported to the US, UK and Europe.


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In our store you can buy rum Angostura Aged 7 Years, 50 ml, price Angostura Aged 7 Years, 50 ml — £ 3. Producer rum House of Angostura. Delivery Angostura Aged 7 Years, 50 ml.

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