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Rum "Angostura 1919", gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


The Roma have a nice golden caramel color.


In the taste of rum blend shades of chocolate, nougat, honey and almond oil. At the end you expect a long luxurious finish.


The Roma have a complex and intriguing aroma of coconut, caramel and vanilla.


Rum is recommended to use in its pure form, with or without ice. He is also an excellent digestif in conjunction with cigars.

Interesting Facts

In this novel an interesting story: in 1939 in Trinidad and Tobago, a major fire destroyed the government reserves the Roma. Joseph Fernandez, Master Blender and the owner of the distillery Fernandez, bought charred barrels of rum and then found that they contain rum perfectly ripe. On the basis of this novel, he has created a unique blend, calling him in 1919 "Super" Premium Rum (namely in 1919, the rum was poured into barrels). This rum quickly gained popularity on the islands, and then, thanks to a series of interesting circumstances, and in the Old World. With the outbreak of world war in 1939, troops of volunteers from Trinidad and Tobago were sent to the front lines in Europe. To maintain the spirit of the soldiers distillery decided on a regular basis to send a bottle of rum 1919 "Super" Premium Rum Trinidad each soldier. Generous soldiers, of course, shared with his colleagues from other countries, and very soon the rum shot to fame throughout Europe, becoming a symbol of the spirit of Trinidad and Tobago.
To prepare the rum used only the lower part of the reed stalks: it contains the most sugar. Stems milled and then slowly milled in special mills. The resulting mess is drained, and the juice of boiled syrup. Part of the sugar contained in the syrup crystallizes. These crystals were removed and the remaining syrup was diluted with water, is mixed with yeast and fermented. Fermented liquid is passed through the alembic and the resulting distillate is obtained containing 73% of alcohol. Transparent distillate is double carbon filtration. Rum kept 8 years in American oak barrels of bourbon.

The company "House of-the Angostura", more known for its aromatic bitters, has been producing rum since 1947. House of Angostura holds fermentation, distillation, aging and pours alcoholic drinks, mainly rum, in Laventil in Trinidad and Tobago. Today the company produces about 65,000 liters of alcohol daily and owns six warehouses for aging beverages, enclosing about 80 000 boxes. Each year it produces about 600,000 boxes of rum, which is exported to the US, UK and Europe.


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