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Liqueur Disaronno Originale, 1 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor dark amber.


Liquor has a full-bodied, sweet, complex flavor with hints of almond and marzipan.


Liquor has a spicy aroma with notes of almond, cherry and spice.


Liquor is recommended to use the ice as a digestif, the drink is the perfect ingredient for making delicious cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Amaretto Disaronno - a traditional almond liqueur from Italy, which is rare because of its unique taste and quickly gained popularity around the world. Amaretto is created from sweet and bitter almonds, vanilla, as well as various aromatic herbs and spices.
According to legend, the story of liquor began more than three centuries ago, when Giovanni Reina in the small Italian town of Saronno made a discovery, creating the famous liqueur. The recipe of the drink held in the strictest confidence, and handed down from generation to generation. In the 20th century by Domenico Reina, a descendant of Giovanni, opened its manufacturing and shop in the center of Saronno, things went on as well that it was decided to establish a company to produce Amaretto - Illva Saronno, which is still run by the family Reina, honoring a long tradition of protecting and Amaretto unique formula production. Today Disaronno - a popular worldwide Italian liqueur, which is sold in more than 150 countries around the world, acquiring over the years more and more popularity.
Liqueur Amaretto Disaronno comes in an elegant square bottle, created by master glassblowers from Murano. Two years in a row Coolbrands Council included liqueur Disaronno in the list of top brands (2008/2009). Disaronno recognized as the most famous Italian liqueur in the world.

Producer's description

Its history, the company Illva Saronno leads to the 1600s. Then Giovanni Reina, fond of liquor manufacturer, has created a unique drink recipe is kept in strict confidence and to the members of the family from generation to generation. In the early XX century, one of the descendants of Giovanni - Domenico Reina - opened a shop in the heart of Saronno. Here he was selling on its unique taste and aroma characteristics of drinks, which quickly won the hearts of consumers. July 23, 1947 a small shop has become a firm ILLVA Saronno (Industria, Lombarda, Liquori, Vini & Affini). The newly formed company began to specialize not only in the production of liqueurs. It also produces wine and took up art. After a few years the company and its products have become symbols of refined Italian taste.

This flourishing company Illva Saronno occurred in the period of 60-80 years of the last century. Then the organization began to export its products abroad, gained branches in many parts of the world, but also opened subsidiaries, which produce a variety of products - from alcohol to optical lenses. Today, the company is known in 160 countries, and its hallmark liqueurs are of the highest quality.

Painter Bernardino Luini, pupil of Leonardo da Vinci, once received the order to paint a mural miraculous Madonna in Saronno. To portray the Madonna, as the muse he chose a beautiful local woman. As a token of his appreciation for the artist she cooked fragrant and sweet liqueur. While many families to make their own variety of liqueurs and medicine from disease. Giovanni Rhine in 1600 recorded a plurality of such medicines and liquors little upgrade them. Recipes secretly passed down from generation to generation until 1900, while Domenico Reina decided not to open a store in the heart of Saronno, which was named "Domenico Reina Coloniali". Many people go to the store to try its products. In 1947, in light of the success of this artisan Disaronno became a symbol of Italian taste. The first large export shipment was realized in the sixties, as the popularity of the company began to gain greater momentum. At 70-80, the company expanded the boundaries of their sales worldwide. The company's products are so loved by people that Illva Saronno was a success of international importance. Since the 1990s, and today the company is becoming stronger and personable, expanding around the world.



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