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Wine Adega Cooperativa de Mangualde, "Foral D. Henrique" Branco, 2012

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Tasting Notes


Wine of pale yellow color.


Fresh, pleasant wine has a good structure and harmonious acidity. Juicy on the palate is dominated by fruit tones (especially banana notes) that remain in the long finish.


Delicate aroma of the wine trail beckons subtle floral and hints of tropical fruit.


The wine is best combined with appetizers, fish, shellfish or seafood salad.

Interesting Facts

"Foral D. Henrique" Branco - dry white wine, created from a blend of grape varieties Enkruzadu, Sersial, Malvasia Fina and Bikal. Grapes grown in the region Dao, which is known as the territory of winemaking since the XII century. Granite soil, giving a small crop, suitable climate and the spirit of winemaking traditions - those components that allow you to grow grapes to create a magnificent least excellent wines. "Foral D. Henrique" Branko will give you a fresh taste with notes of tropical fruit and fragrant bouquet, as if soaked in the hot sun of Portugal. Complete this wine a romantic evening or a family dinner, handing it to seafood and fish dishes.

Producer's description

Adega Cooperativa de Mangualde - a company founded December 4, 1963 as an alliance of producers in Portugal. Initially, the company engaged in the production of wine in small quantities and almost on the enthusiasm of its employees, but with 90s began an active process of modernization associated with obtaining investment. Modern equipped laboratories, cellars and working properly trained professionals in the company poured new strength and led to an improvement in product quality and strong growth in sales. On the basis of the cooperative, a special wine Center in which the familiarity with the culture of wine and winemaking training. In 2013 the company celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, coming up to this date in the solid state of development and success. Currently ADEG Cooperativa de Mangualde continues to maintain and improve standards, expanding the scope of their work in the field of agriculture and wine tourism.


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In our store you can buy wine Adega Cooperativa de Mangualde, "Foral D. Henrique" Branco, 2012, price Adega Cooperativa de Mangualde, "Foral D. Henrique" Branco, 2012 — £ 4. Producer wine Adega Cooperativa de Mangualde. Delivery Adega Cooperativa de Mangualde, "Foral D. Henrique" Branco, 2012.

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