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Set Abbazia, "Fiorino d'Oro" Rose Brut, gift box with 2 glasses

£ 6
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Interesting Facts

The set includes 1 bottle of brandy and 2 glasses
Bottle capacity: 700 ml
Cardboard box
Color of box: claret

"Milenario" Solera Gran Reserva - exquisite sherry brandy, the best brandy of the company Luis Caballero. True to tradition, authentic, possessing a strong character, this brandy is made from carefully selected best distillates from sherry wines. Maturation took place in the old system "Solera", which was established in 1795. Over the years, old American oak barrels have absorbed many shades, so the brandy sustained in them has an incredible balance and strength and acquires an exceptional taste, while retaining elegant elegance.
"Milenario" Solera Gran Reserva offers an unforgettable experience. Enjoy this unique brandy after eating in pure form or with ice, accompanied by good chocolate (milk, bitter). Also, he will create the perfect combination with soft drinks or as part of alcoholic cocktails.

Producer's description

Winery Abbazia di San Gaudenzio, founded in 1848, is located in Santo Stefano Belbo - a small town between Monferrato and Langhe Roero, in the heart of the Piedmont region. Name "Abbazia" ("Abbey") comes from the ancient Benedictine monastery built here in the twelfth century. Today the winery manages fourth generation family Santero - Santero Mario and his children. After modernization, the company has allowed it to meet the requirements of the wine market. According to the owners of the winery, production technology and tradition are important, but also important and the land on which grapes are grown. Vineyards farms are located in the hills of the Piedmont and have the perfect conditions for growing grapes. Varietal diversity allows us to produce a wide range of wines, which are now exported to more than 50 countries. All production processes are in accordance with the certificates BRC, IFS, ISO and controlled by the Consortium of Asti, which guarantees high quality wines.

Sparkling wines Abbazia di San Gaudenzio satisfied with their quality of even the most demanding and passionate consumers. The ability to combine tradition and technology, passion and ambition, assets of more than 60 hectares of vineyards, mostly classified as DOC and DOCG, is a tool to compete in the top segment of the market wines and achieve high results. Wines Abbazia di San Gaudenzio repeatedly became medalists prestigious international wine competitions.
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In our store you can buy wine set Abbazia, "Fiorino d'Oro" Rose Brut, gift box with 2 glasses, price Abbazia, "Fiorino d'Oro" Rose Brut, gift box with 2 glasses — £ 6. Producer wine set Abbazia di San Gaudenzio. Delivery Abbazia, "Fiorino d'Oro" Rose Brut, gift box with 2 glasses.

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